PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE Concert Goers Vibe w/ EarthGang x Marian Mereba x More

Via: FO Flyer April4th2013 AFix Week nights and early morning commutes to work don’t stop music enthusiast from flooding Drunken Unicorn (ATL). From ten to one in the morning, the venue was filled with people vibing to the sounds of soul, electric, funk, and hip hop. alliexperience pledge allgiance 002 The event was hosted by Fort Knox with DJ Showtime on the 1′s and 2′s. KXNGTruth Be Cold & Joey P – gave us the first dose. If you thought these guys only pioneered a clothing brand, you better think again. They rocked the stage. EarthGang was next. This pair of funky souls is a treat to watch. They are what would happen “Lauryn Hill slipped up and let Juvenile hit. And then they crazy asses let Angela Davis babysit.” That’s quoted from their latest drop, Machete – which is a fan favorite and a song I thoroughly enjoy as well.

“Talking bout Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Whatever.” LISTEN TO THE SONG

alliexperience pledge allgiance 003

Keeping up with the soulful and funky vibe while adding a calm chill, Marian Mereba and her band performed songs from her latest EP, Room For Living. Mereba woes the crowd as she sings. As described by notable writer, Maurice Garland, Mereba sings about the “growth, vulnerability, self-reflections and epiphanies… You’ll hear elements of soul, folk, Celtic and rock sprinkled throughout… they all ride together smoothly, behaving, only speaking up when it’s appropriate”. DOWNLOAD ROOM FOR LIVING, EP alliexperience pledge allgiance 009 alliexperience pledge allgiance 008 Last, but not least – as they are the headliners, coordinators, and promoters of the Pledge Allegiance Concert SeriesFartherOut hit the stage. Music starts and BAAAMMM! Stage shaking. Hands up. Heads bobbing. Guitarist on knees. Their energy was through the roof! Bias the Black, Glenn Saddler, and The Living (guitar) rocked it out as the final act. Their latest single, New Atlanta Ish, hit hardest with the crowd and – now that I think about it – is an accurate description of the entire night. New Atlanta Ish hits on the importance to stay true to your creative self regardless of what everybody else is doing… all of the artists embody that idea. WATCH THE VIDEO. alliexperience pledge allgiance 001


Even though a super-early commute to work was luring in the distance, the thought of an experience with these musician was something I couldn’t miss. #PledgeAllegiance is a concert series brought to you by << Check them out for dates and info. [youtube]
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