Nike Air Max 90 “Cork”


Hitting the shelves in April and I need some. Nike unveiled the Air Max 90 “Cork” set to be released this April and possibly in limited supply. Only hitting a few retailers so be on the look out. We all know how popular anything with the infrared colorway on it is nowadays.
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Lyftd’s Back! (This Time W/ Site)

Don’t know what else to tell you. Lyftd has always been dope. There back. Go shop.

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Lucid FC – Fall/Winter 2014

The guys over at Lucid went a little punk with the slightly DIY look for this years Fall/Winter collection. They’ve left us and headed for NY but the boys are still all over every noteworthy site as to be expected. My next question is when’s the price going up? With this kind of pub the Twins are going to be able to charge whatever they want in a second. Really dope stuff guys can’t wait to see it on the street. @LucidFC
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For no other reason than that I have never posted about my now favorite Atlanta based apparel brand. If you haven’t been living under a rock in the up and coming Atlanta scene then you have seen some of these pieces around. Possibly on the Give ‘Em Hell duo of Key! & OG Maco in which they worked closely with. You can see much of what I can only assume to be manga inspired style in many of the pieces. This line is really a quality over quantity thing and is definitely not your homeboys “prints on a shirt” line. If you frequent this site then you probably feel just as I do about this stuff. It’s basically everything I like in apparel form. @gogogba / @YoPhysics
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Curtis Williams for Pink+Dolphin


Awesomeness of Curtis Williams on a bill board out it LA courtesy of Pink+Dolphin. This is just a testament to how far they have come. That’s reach people.
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CLASSIK: Season 5 (New Wave)

I can get down with this! I’m really feeling CLASSIK’s new direction. Especially the collaborative pieces done with Atlanta visual artist Chris Wilkins. I would love to see more collaborations from these guy. I really feel like the thatsCLASSIK brand is coming into it’s own. I can’t wait to see what they are going to have in store when it gets cold and hoodie season comes back around! I really see progression in this line. @thatsCLASSIK
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Lucid FC – Spring 2014 LookBook

The clean. From the shoot to the apparel. I mean dammit guys take note. You really going to let these youngster come in and completely dominate the Atlanta apparel scene?! LOL! Okay but seriously guys what can even be said at this point. This is a real apparel line. The likes of which we have note seen on the scene in a while. I mean who has pants, shorts, stitch work and jackets currently? In the past 3 years? 6 years? I truly can’t remember any? Being a part of the scene you get to watch the growth of all the small entities become larger and larger. I’m not sure if I have ever seen growth this rapid. @LucidFC
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Lucid FC – MATERIALISTIC (Dir. Tyler Mitchell)

MATERIALISTIC from Tyler Mitchell on Vimeo.

Beautifully shot but I really didn’t expect anything less from the Lucid guys. They seem to be very thorough when it comes to what they do. One thing that I thought was awesome about this was the idea that it paints of them turning a passion into money without it seeming forced. When it comes to the way they spoke about apparel it almost seemed like owning a line was just the next logical step. Love the explanation of the logo as well, it’s more that just a dope symbol. It also seems like their originality isn’t forced. They seem to just be doing what other lines wanted to but didn’t, or couldn’t. Seeing those stitching machines going to work on those jackets was just a legitimizing moment. If you didn’t think they where serious beforeā€¦ Dope stuff guys. Know let me go get my money up before they drop that reversible bomber again. LoL.
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Lyftd Clothing Co. – Late Winter Release

So we got a little sneak peek at Lyftd’s late Winter release slated to drop Feb. 7th along with the new site. I really can’t wait to see what the what else they have in store for this release. It’ll also be available to the masses for the first time I’m being told. No more tracking these guys down or having to get the special order. SideNote: Is that Zip Kennedy? If so dope choice and I’d like to say this about branding when it comes to some of these Atlanta clothing lines. I’ve seen many lines collaborating with the hottest artist with no real thought behind if the artist actually coincides with the brand. Shout out to the Lyftd guys for going with a more forward thinking artist who actually seem fit the image of the line. Here’s to hoping they keep that in mind when it comes to future collaborations and what not. @Lyftd
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Lyftd Clothing Co. – Bucket Caps + Skullies

Lyftd Bucket Caps

Lyftd Clothing Co. has a lot of the Atlanta scene clamoring for this new head gear. Like, it’s kind of crazy how people have been acting over these bucket caps. What makes it even crazier is that the guys don’t actually seem to have a site up currently which makes obtaining them a tad more difficult (which will possibly make them even more sought after. lol.) seeing as you basically have to track down a Lyftd associate to get a hold of one. If you’re digging it, which I am for the logo alone, get to hunting. No telling if these guys new about the demand before they placed the order so it’s really not telling how many they have left. @Lyftd
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Lucid FC 2013 Winter Lookbook

Since we’re plugging Rome’s new visual I thought why not give some promo to the guys who created his attire. The Lucid Guys (also Atlanta natives) 2013 Winter Lookbook. These guys make some really dope stuff. We’ve feature their apparel before. Really cool kids. Super young if I remember which is crazy because their line is probably one of the most legit in the city right now. Definitely worth the price difference.
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