Lucid FC – MATERIALISTIC (Dir. Tyler Mitchell)

MATERIALISTIC from Tyler Mitchell on Vimeo.

Beautifully shot but I really didn’t expect anything less from the Lucid guys. They seem to be very thorough when it comes to what they do. One thing that I thought was awesome about this was the idea that it paints of them turning a passion into money without it seeming forced. When it comes to the way they spoke about apparel it almost seemed like owning a line was just the next logical step. Love the explanation of the logo as well, it’s more that just a dope symbol. It also seems like their originality isn’t forced. They seem to just be doing what other lines wanted to but didn’t, or couldn’t. Seeing those stitching machines going to work on those jackets was just a legitimizing moment. If you didn’t think they where serious before… Dope stuff guys. Know let me go get my money up before they drop that reversible bomber again. LoL.
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