Why Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves

Extremely Goofy Movie is a classic and I just remember the reaction of all my friends when he actually asked the question “Do you ever wonder why we’re like always wearing gloves?”. We all freaked out.

Super interesting.
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#theHOWL : True Blood ( Season 1-2 )


The Vampire mythos is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Ever since getting deep into the world through Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles I’ve always been interested in stories about night walkers especially when they introduce other creatures of the night into the fray.

As always I’m super late on the series but here are my thoughts on seasons 1 & 2 of True Blood.

Listing off my thoughts shotgun style.

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#theHOWL : Power ( Season 1 )


I’m super late but sometimes I like to get into things after the hype dies down. Here are my thoughts on season one of Power.

I’m running this things down list style. Straight stream of consciousness here.

!SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue Reading
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Jessica Jones – Season 1

Jessica Jones is a great adaptation of a mostly forgotten Marvel Comics superhero under the Netflix banner. Better than the highly acclaimed Daredevil? Maybe?

SPOILERS AHEAD in theHOWL of our possibly alcoholic heroine. Continue Reading
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Fargo – Season 2: Episode 1

Fargo raW

I’m a fan of Fargo. Enjoyed the first season and the 1996 original film. All really well done I think but who am I?

SPOLIERS AHEAD as we get into theHOWL of this Minnesota crime drama. Continue Reading
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The Flash – Season 1

The Flash raW S

Okay guys so to be completely honest this was a series that I was not looking forward to. Going into this my expectations were quite low. That may have something to do with why I was so impressed.

SPOILERS AHEAD of the red blur, the fastest man alive. Continue Reading
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Gotham – Season 1

Gotham raW B5

So it seems like everyone has a lot to say about that first season of Gotham so I decided to go ahead and give my HOWL on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Gotham City.

SPOILERS AHEAD on the origins of the Dark Knight and his gloomy city. Continue Reading
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American Horror Story – Season 4 (Freak Show)

American Horror Story Freak Show raW

So I finished up American Horror Story Season 4: Freak Show and before I get into it let me preface it a little. I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons with season 3 (Coven) being my favorite.

With that being said let me get into the howl. SPOILERS AHEAD Continue Reading
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Supernatural – Season 11 (Episode 1)

SuperNatural raW

Okay so I’ve watched Supernatural on and off for basically ever. I fall off for a season or 2 then find myself wanting to catch up. As for the past season I actually watched it on schedule and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the whole Mark of Cain saga and all of that. I enjoyed Crowley’s mother bringing back a “witchy” element to the show. I even enjoyed the whole good Crowley / bad Crowley thing. I also thought being able to kill Death with his own scythe was kind of cool.

With all that being said let me get into the howl of it. I really enjoyed this season opener. To me one of the best season openers they have had in a while. They usually have a more exciting cliffhanger ending and then lead into it with a really slow season opener. This time the ending was really left up to your imagination. Death gets killed. Black stuff goes everywhere. Continue Reading
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Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1)


Okay so I will preface my thoughts on this first season by saying this. I have read every issue of the Walking Dead up to this point & have seen every episode of the show. I am a fan of both.

Alright so here goes the howl.

I have heard much talk of descension toward the show. People are not a fan of it’s slow pace. I enjoy it’s slow pace. I believe it was set up that way in order to make us care a little more about our cast of protagonist than in The Walking Dead in which we were just thrown into the mix mid zombie apocalypse. I am enjoying getting to know this mixed family. Even the bratty kids.

Okay know here goes the bad. I actually wish it was moving a little slower. Continue Reading
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