Jessica Jones – Season 1

Jessica Jones is a great adaptation of a mostly forgotten Marvel Comics superhero under the Netflix banner. Better than the highly acclaimed Daredevil? Maybe?

SPOILERS AHEAD in theHOWL of our possibly alcoholic heroine.

Krysten Ritter was basically born to play this role. Casting her as Jessica Jones was basically a no brainer. She pretty much comes with the attitude.

I’m usually not a fan the “character with a horrible attitude treats everybody like crap” type of stories but this kind of works here. I will say that they do give you enough backstory through out the series to, at least to some degree, understand her angst.

I will say that I enjoyed the supporting cast quite a bit in this series. Mike Colter plays a great Luke Cage and I can’t wait to see him in his own series. I think the one who steals the show though is David Tennent who plays an amazing villain in Killgrave or, as the comic book world knows him, the Purple Man.

It usually isn’t tough for a villain to steal the show. They usually have the most interesting character to begin with along with being the most multidimensional.

I dig how Tennent plays Kilgrave as this kind of nerdy friend zoned guy who never got the girl and is now really bitter about but still really wants the girl to like him. It really is his only weakness. As far as villains go he is high up there on the difficulty scale. You basically have to survive long enough until he messes up on his own accord which is pretty much what happens. I also enjoyed the imagery of purple every time he entered or Jessica thought of him even though they never call him by that name in the series.

I think I’m going to like the relationship of Jessica and Luke. I think they have an interesting dynamic. It would be really hard to get past the whole “you killed my wife thing” even though she was under mind control. In the comic world they go on to get married and have a child but we’ll see how this plays out.

I think my favorite character in this series actually ended up being Malcolm. He is an extremely endearing character. I mean how can you not love him seeing him kick that drug habit through sheer will power. Just like a hero. Even the way he consoled Robyn after she found out she lost Rueben. He really does more heroic stuff than any of the other characters now that I think about it.

Anyway I can’t wait till they get more comfortable with these Netflix / Marvel productions to start throwing more note worthy characters into some of these series. It would be really cool to see more heroes of note doing things that matter and not just being mentioned.

So what did you guys think? How are y’all feeling about these Netflix originals?
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