Our 2020 Olympic Anime Ambassadors !

I really just never thought I would see the day!

My Childhood On the World Stage!

I kind of want them to add more characters! Like one for each Sport! What do you guys think? Who would you guys add?
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Why Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves

Extremely Goofy Movie is a classic and I just remember the reaction of all my friends when he actually asked the question “Do you ever wonder why we’re like always wearing gloves?”. We all freaked out.

Super interesting.
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Paper Frank Sells Astro Boy Piece To Chris Brown

A photo posted by EvilKingLemons (@paperfrank) on

Recently Chris Brown came into town for a performance and left with an awesome piece by one of our favorite and most popular visual artist Paper Frank. Here are some shots Frank put up on Instagram as the exchange went down. Continue Reading
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Some Of The Things Wrong With Noisey’s Atlanta Series (Ep. 1-5)

So Noisey’s docu-series on Atlanta seems to be rubbing just about everyone the wrong way. I have to admit that through out the 5 episodes we have gotten so far there are some pretty cringe worthy moments. Once during episode 4 while interviewing the ATL Twins about how they prefer to have sex with girls who will have sex with both of them an unsuspecting woman walks in obviously not expecting there to be cameras in which her face needed to be blurred. They also seem to at one point be praying to a masked girl shaking her ass on the bed as though “this is just what we do when no ones around”. Maybe it is. Doesn’t make it any less weird.

It actually starts of with the host saying “Atlanta, the city to busy to hate, drug trafficking hub of the east coast and the home of trap music.” which is then later followed by Curtis Snow stating that “When a rapper is rapping you should be able to smell the dope cooking.” For a city having a new creative surge of a wider variety of hip hop (and art in general) it just wasn’t a good look.

Even Waka Had to chime in… Continue Reading
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The ILL Table – Season 2 (Cam Kirk)

We’ve been slacking. If you guys haven’t caught it yet here is a season 2 ILL Table episode for camera man extraordinare Cam Kirk. Very interesting way to get your start. No description needed just check out the dope work from Ms. Nicole and her team. @IllTable / @ShellyNicole / @TheCamKirk
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The Illimitable Table (Season 1)

Now when it comes to ambitious women in the scene this young lady Shelly Nicole has bitten off a lot but with the release of her first season of The Illimitable Table I think she is proving that she can also chew. I mean this looks like a pretty large undertaking. It’s really impressive. Dare I say Oprah-esque. I mean what other young lady in the scene has decided to start her own talk show. Make no mistake about it. This definitely feels like something larger than a string of interviews and we’re really excited to see where this leads. Check the other episodes after the jump. Continue Reading
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Far Out Family x Bias the Black – #FOtradingcards

So Far Out Family’s in house rapper / graphic designer Bias the Black brings us the #FOtradingcards These things are really cool and they have been saying that they are just going to continue to choose people at random to add to the series. Stay tuned for the Far Out Family Reunion Series: PINCKNEY Mixtape scheduled for release next week. @FarOutFamily / @BiastheBlack
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Chilly-O x The Fried Company x City of Ink (PhotoShoot)

The Fried Company in collaboration with Chilly-O & City of Ink through a private party… We were there… Shh… Here are some of the awesome shots by the man the legend Chilly-O! I thought this idea was a nifty one. People are liable to right anything! Check it out. Among those in attendance! Far Out Family’s Glenn Saddler, Bias the Black, the Living, U-Way, & Tiggy, Flockaland, Lyftd, MoneyMakinNique, Kas Flow, ALLIExperience, Maduzah Mag & a slew of others! @meetFRIED / @ChillyOTALL / @CityofInk
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Two9 Merch @ Wish

This was pretty cool. The Two9 Boys got there apparel in Wish recently. Good look guys. Go check it out. Cop something HERE @Two9 / @wishatl
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Art by Paper Frank (Pink Lemonade)

  Paper Frank’s Pink Lemonade event was bananas! Way packed with Atlanta’s urban up and coming who’s who and of course much of Frank’s amazing artwork. I mean the young man is always working it reminds me of the words of the late Picasso “Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.” I feel like this applies to Frank. Good work young man. Everyone needs to go get a tattoo by this man at City of Ink. Lol @PaperFrank / @CityofInk
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Paper Frank’s Pink Lemonade

PinkLemonadeFlierJPG Love Paper Frank on this side and this is where y’all need to be July 11th. Come kick it! We’ll be definitely be there. Shout out to the City of Ink family. @PaperFrank
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