Some Of The Things Wrong With Noisey’s Atlanta Series (Ep. 1-5)

So Noisey’s docu-series on Atlanta seems to be rubbing just about everyone the wrong way. I have to admit that through out the 5 episodes we have gotten so far there are some pretty cringe worthy moments. Once during episode 4 while interviewing the ATL Twins about how they prefer to have sex with girls who will have sex with both of them an unsuspecting woman walks in obviously not expecting there to be cameras in which her face needed to be blurred. They also seem to at one point be praying to a masked girl shaking her ass on the bed as though “this is just what we do when no ones around”. Maybe it is. Doesn’t make it any less weird.

It actually starts of with the host saying “Atlanta, the city to busy to hate, drug trafficking hub of the east coast and the home of trap music.” which is then later followed by Curtis Snow stating that “When a rapper is rapping you should be able to smell the dope cooking.” For a city having a new creative surge of a wider variety of hip hop (and art in general) it just wasn’t a good look.

Even Waka Had to chime in…

Noisey is one who would be on the cutting edge of this. You would think they would have grabbed some of the new noise makers of Atlanta. Two-9, Raury, Father, Key, OG Maco. Instead we get Migos chilling in a mansion with assault rifles not really knowing how to respond when their guest asks them if they really need all these guns when they live in a gated country club. And we love the Migos!

There are some highlights. Coach K and Zaytoven had some really insight full things to say. It’s just hard to really get into it when you’re also being told that the The North side of Atlanta is mostly white, the South side is mostly black and in the middle it’s just a mess. What kind of shit is that to say really?

Any way see for you self guys. Let us know what you think.
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