Curti$ William$ – Zip Skylark (rough drafts & unfinished shit)

Mr. Williams give us a quick tape of chill flows and smoker music. The kind of stuff he is known for. This should definitely tide the people over til the next full length drops. We still bump that DANCO JAMES.

S/O Two9 & stay out of trouble guys.

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Rome Fortune + Ceej – loloU

Rome and Ceej finally give us a follow up to the critically acclaimed lolo outing and if I do say so myself it does not fail.

If you where a fan of the lolo project, which most were, you should really be digging this. Same as the first time around we get Rome on the vocals with Ceej taking care of the production both bringing an advanced version of what we saw years ago.

This is really cool stuff guys would love to catch another one of these every couple years.

@romefortune / @Two9CEEJ
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TWO-9 – B4FRVR + World Gone Crazy (Video)

two-9-mixtape Two-9 back to prove they still have a strangle hold on the city. Really excited about this one as should everyone be basically. One thing that had me worried was their first single off of the tape was extremely feature heavy and with a 5 man group you really can’t afford to be. Glad to say the features pretty much end with that track.

Another really cool attention to detail is the way they have set up the cover and track art. Only the member who is featured on the track has his face shown the rest are darkened out. We’ll chalk that up to Fani until proven other wise. LOL.

On to the music the first video is perfect and crazy. Jace starts it of strong as he should with the caption for the world as an introduction to each member. The tracks are classic Two-9 mosh-pit starters. If you love the 9 you’ll love this.

Dope work guys! This is how you start of a mainstream career. They people are going to love this.

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Jace – Fuck You Expect

I would say of Two9 but this is an Atlanta based blog. When I say Jace you should know who I’m talking about.

Jace has really been on a roll lately. I hear we should be looking out for a solo album from this Retro Su$hi member and if the last few tracks are indicative of what we will be hearing I’m sure it will get the same acclaim as his Two9 crew mate Curtis Williams last outing received.

Come with it man.

@RetroJace / @Two9
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Curti$ William$ – “Danco Vision” HDYNATION TOUR EP 1

Very happy to see the success of this man. Still bumping the Danco James project extremely heavy. Keep Going man!

Of course shout out to Two9

SideNote: There is really no reason @ThatBoyCurtis Twitter account is not verified.

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Jace (of Retro Su$hi) – Interview / Cee Lo / Party

I feel as if Two 9 has been keeping a low profile lately. Maybe to gear up for this next project B4FRVR. Maybe cause they been on tour getting paid. Maybe my ear hasn’t been to the ground enough. I just know they was time when they just ruled my timeline and I feel like these tracks slipped by me. Either way dope stuff. I wonder if this constitutes a small EP. It would make a great one. He spazzes on interview, gets experimental on Party & gives us the basics with Cee Lo. Really dope stuff. Would love to hear what a full length would sound like from this guy. Definitely ready for that Winter in Tokyo. @RetroJace / @RetroSushi / @Two9
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Two9 – Pay Attention Tour (Recap)

You guys pretty much know what it is with Two9 at this point. The guys are having fun. They are on. And they are basking in it. New video footage from their tour with Big KRIT. Really fun stuff. Live it up fellows! @Two9
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Curtis Williams – Danco James

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this project. As any fan of Curtis should know his selection musically can be all over the place which is something that I’m sure he prides himself on. I’m very pleased to say that this project is really impressive and down right beautiful at times. Some of the cords and samples and just magical maybe even whimsical at times. This is some of the best stuff to come out of Two9 in a minute with no disrespect to any of the other great work they’ve put out recently. This is really a moment of Williams planting his foot in the ground and saying Two9 is here for the long haul. @thatboycurtis / @Two9
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#CrossfadedTour Official Recap Part 2

Of all the little documentary style clips and webisodes Two9 has released of recent this one was by far my favorite. Not sure why. It just had a little something more than the rest and felt a little more full. Also the cast was filled with recognizable faces which is always a plus. It’s been one big celebration for them since the news of the signing dropped and this clip is no different. @Two9
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Two-9 – Money Counter

In celebration of their new EarDruma/Interscope signing Two9 gives us Money Counter. More banger style mosh pit music but this one is all Jace it seems like for this roulette (correct me if I’m wrong.) Production taken care of by Charlie Heat. I would definitely like to see if they are going to do any more of their own production at this point. Not sure what the protocol is when ones budget grows exponentially. Dopeness once again from the Two9 camp and I’m sure this one will fit in nicely with their ready to perform catalog. @Two9
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