TWO-9 – B4FRVR + World Gone Crazy (Video)

two-9-mixtape Two-9 back to prove they still have a strangle hold on the city. Really excited about this one as should everyone be basically. One thing that had me worried was their first single off of the tape was extremely feature heavy and with a 5 man group you really can’t afford to be. Glad to say the features pretty much end with that track.

Another really cool attention to detail is the way they have set up the cover and track art. Only the member who is featured on the track has his face shown the rest are darkened out. We’ll chalk that up to Fani until proven other wise. LOL.

On to the music the first video is perfect and crazy. Jace starts it of strong as he should with the caption for the world as an introduction to each member. The tracks are classic Two-9 mosh-pit starters. If you love the 9 you’ll love this.

Dope work guys! This is how you start of a mainstream career. They people are going to love this.

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Jace – Fuck You Expect

I would say of Two9 but this is an Atlanta based blog. When I say Jace you should know who I’m talking about.

Jace has really been on a roll lately. I hear we should be looking out for a solo album from this Retro Su$hi member and if the last few tracks are indicative of what we will be hearing I’m sure it will get the same acclaim as his Two9 crew mate Curtis Williams last outing received.

Come with it man.

@RetroJace / @Two9
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Mike WiLL Made-It – What You Expect feat. Jace (of Two9)

Dope to see MikeWill putting Jace to use the man’s extremely talented. Hope this leads to something. Still ready for that new Retro Su$hi to drop. Also just in case the boy Jace peeps this we have heard nothing but good things about your recent 3 track burst you dropped. Keep up the good work the people want more. @MikeWiLLLMadeIt / @RetroJace
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Two9 – Where The Money At?

So we finally get a visual for the way hype Mike WiLL Made It produced Two9 cut. We really think this is going to be one for the Summer over this Mike WiLL Made It production. Video done by Artemus Jenkins who I have also just stumbled upon for the first time who has some really dope work which includes a really dope documentary series on strippers call P.O.P. (Power of Pussy). Check him out. @two9 / @ThatBoyCurtis / @retroJACE / @artemusjenkins / @MikeWiLLMadeIt
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