Curti$ William$ – Zip Skylark (rough drafts & unfinished shit)

Mr. Williams give us a quick tape of chill flows and smoker music. The kind of stuff he is known for. This should definitely tide the people over til the next full length drops. We still bump that DANCO JAMES.

S/O Two9 & stay out of trouble guys.

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Jace – Fuck You Expect

I would say of Two9 but this is an Atlanta based blog. When I say Jace you should know who I’m talking about.

Jace has really been on a roll lately. I hear we should be looking out for a solo album from this Retro Su$hi member and if the last few tracks are indicative of what we will be hearing I’m sure it will get the same acclaim as his Two9 crew mate Curtis Williams last outing received.

Come with it man.

@RetroJace / @Two9
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Mike WiLL Made-It – What You Expect feat. Jace (of Two9)

Dope to see MikeWill putting Jace to use the man’s extremely talented. Hope this leads to something. Still ready for that new Retro Su$hi to drop. Also just in case the boy Jace peeps this we have heard nothing but good things about your recent 3 track burst you dropped. Keep up the good work the people want more. @MikeWiLLLMadeIt / @RetroJace
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Jace (of Retro Su$hi) – Interview / Cee Lo / Party

I feel as if Two 9 has been keeping a low profile lately. Maybe to gear up for this next project B4FRVR. Maybe cause they been on tour getting paid. Maybe my ear hasn’t been to the ground enough. I just know they was time when they just ruled my timeline and I feel like these tracks slipped by me. Either way dope stuff. I wonder if this constitutes a small EP. It would make a great one. He spazzes on interview, gets experimental on Party & gives us the basics with Cee Lo. Really dope stuff. Would love to hear what a full length would sound like from this guy. Definitely ready for that Winter in Tokyo. @RetroJace / @RetroSushi / @Two9
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Rocksmith Presents: Two-9 “Everything”

As I believe I have stated before if not on this site in conversation with friends Two-9 is about to put it’s cards on the table and this video looks like the beginning of that. A video cosign by Rocksmith and make no mistake. This is a VIDEO! A true production. You wont be seeing much like this coming from and unsigned artist. I mean they have flaming eyeballs for crying out load! (except not on the WorldStarHipHop version for some reason that could only be time restraints) Okay so just as most “Two-9” songs go you’re basically given a roulette style of play as far as who you’re actually getting on the audio and as of late (possibly do to the exclusion of Key!) their go to combination seems to be Curtis Williams and Jace of Retro Sushi. Possibly a choice based on Curtis’ popularity and Jace being somewhat more lyrical than his Two9 counterparts. Either way they make a pretty dope collaborative force and this visual most definitely does the Two9 imprint justice. SideNote: I have seen in many a comment section that people don’t like the little voice that comes on near the beginning and throughout some of the audio in the background. I loved the voice. I kind of thought it made the song. It’s definitely what made me remember it. @Two9
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Retro Su$h! – Mary Jace

You can always count on Retro Su$h! to bring something a little different to the Two9 camp and this seemingly drug induced outing is no exception. Really dope the way they did this. I would definitely like to know if that is Ceej singing in the background. Also, are we actually going to ever get any PTA Apparel or is that just for the homies!? S/O the whole Two9 family. @RetroSushi / @Two9Ceej / @RetroJace / @Two9
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