Curti$ William$ – Zip Skylark (rough drafts & unfinished shit)

Mr. Williams give us a quick tape of chill flows and smoker music. The kind of stuff he is known for. This should definitely tide the people over til the next full length drops. We still bump that DANCO JAMES.

S/O Two9 & stay out of trouble guys.

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J.I.D – Dicaprio

What did you expect from J.I.D? It’s probably what you got here. Probably the best flow coming out of Atlanta currently. The delivery is just butter man and here you get about 8 tracks worth. Are you not entertained.

J.I.D throws in some Leonardo Dicaprio audio clips for good measure and name sake along with some known rhymes sayers such as his Spillage Village brethren EarthGang, Curtis Williams of Two9 acclaim and Key! (kinda)

Really dope stuff here but we expect nothing less from J.I.D keep it up. He’ll be household in no time.

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Key! – STL Freestyle

Another quick one from Key! in the form of freestyles song. These things make me wonder. Is he freestyling the choruses as well. If so that’s really impressive. Also since these seem to be coming out around his tour dates I wonder if he is actually in these cities as he records them or are they just inspiration. Either way dope stuff. @FATMANKEY
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Key! – VA Beach Freestyle

Another quick freestyle from Key! this time by the named location of VA Beach. We are really digging these over at the WOLF so keep ’em coming. @FATMANKEY
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Key! – Vancouver Freestyle

I’m just saying Key! freestyled a real whole song and thats all I’m saying. I mean that was way legit. I’m turnt right now! I really want to know what it’s like to be in the studio when he does this. I mean, what is the engineer thinking. Probably something like “did he really just do that.” Dope stuff as always. @FATMANKEY
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Key! – Keep the Piece ft. ManManSavage

One of my favorite cuts from the 808 Keys EP. Also I was at this little secret Key! pop up show shot during A3C between his other shows. I remember being drunk and really wanting one of those Key! “HELLO!?” shirts but they were $50! (I almost bought one any way. lol) I want to also use this moment to point out what I been telling people for a while now. If you have been paying attention to the goings on of the scene Key!’s notoriety has sky rocketed! From the Fader interviews to the controversial Complex interview. Key! may have made the correct choice when it came to going the solo route. He definitely has the ability and acclaim. Since we take such long hiatuses around here and miss stuff here is some more Key! with visual from TMZ. @FATMANKEY / @manmansavage100
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LAMB$ – Digi Scale ft. Key!, Reese, & Tezo

So I’ve been singing this song since I heard it in the club a while back. I had no idea who was on it cause I would always come in near the end. I got home & did a quick search and saw Key! was one of the artist and realized this was probably why I like the song so much. If you’re on this site enough then you probably already know that Key! can basically do no wrong when it comes to us sut this song is actually credited to the Ohio based rapper LAMB$. All the artist jump on and swag it out. That sliding door scene from Key! though is one for the books as another blog wrote. Also this track is presented by DJ Osh Kosh (of Two9 which all make cameos in the visual). @INSOMNIACLAMBS / @FATMANKEY / @iAM_REESE / @tezo / @DJOSH_KOSH
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Father & Key! – Tell You No

Well this just became a thing. Instant saying. They really captured a sentiment of what many people had been saying for the longest and it’s hilarious. I saw Key! tweet something like this earlier in the week and thought “right on” not knowing that we where about to get a couplet earful. Father is really trying to make sure that he drives the nail home and let people know that he is a force that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If he keeps up with these kinds of releases that will certainly be true. @fatheraintshit / @FATMANKEY
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Wavy Wallace – Tighten Up feat. Key!

Wavy Wallace in our good graces with this on along side Key! and I will say this. It is rare that you here someone who sounds this comfortable next to Key!. At times when people going key on a track and they use similar styles it sounds a bit awkward. Not here. This is a dope one and definitely going into the rotation. We also need to keep our eye on Wallace a little more. He’s had a couple slip by us. @WAVYwallace / @FATMANKEY
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Key! + FKi – FKEYi EP

Now this right here bring Key! into another realm. At first when I heard the first track I thought this was going to be similar to the other things we had heard from Key! recently but that all changed after that. This time Key1 forgoes his natural styling for what seems to be more radio ready hits. All dope stuff as always but it was definitely not what I was expecting which I’m kind of glad to hear. It’s doesn’t feel like Key! just threw together left over songs from his recent projects. It feels like a completely new effort and from the feed back I been hearing everybody really digs it. It was really cool for the boys FKi to take this little venture with him and the Heroes X Villains cosign doesn’t hurt either. Keep up the good stuff guys. @FATMANKEY / @fkimusic / @WE_ARE_HXV
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KEY! – “Give Em Hell”

I’m not sure who in charge of making sure all of Key’s videos have the same feel and aesthetic but they are doing a hell of a job. The branding is directly on point. Nothing more we can say about this song that we already haven’t, we love it, and in this video Key! is so Key! Also Key! has stated that he will soon be taking all the free music he has up down so get it fast. I know we went into a scramble to catch all the little loose tracks that we didn’t get from the albums. SideNote: Look at that crowd. Key! gets love everywhere. @FATMANKEY
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