AWFUL RECORDS – #AwfulHoliday

Oh what was that? You say you didn’t have enough AWFUL RECORDS on your iPod?

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Father – Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First

Father really gives us some stuff to look cool to with this one. This is definitely club ready. Pretty sure we’re going to hear this bumping all up and down Edgewood.

Favorite song for me was Gurl from Abra. It was just fun and a break away from the tone of the rest of the project.

Good work from the Awful crew once again.

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Father – Spoil You Rotten

Father continues to give it to us with Spoil You Rotten. What I like about the track is he actually takes one of his flows that I really enjoyed from another track and kind of expounded upon it. Maybe he got some complements or realized people where quoting a certain line more often than others. Maybe he just does what feels right. Regardless dope stuff. Shout out to his whole Awful family. @father
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Father & Key! – Tell You No

Well this just became a thing. Instant saying. They really captured a sentiment of what many people had been saying for the longest and it’s hilarious. I saw Key! tweet something like this earlier in the week and thought “right on” not knowing that we where about to get a couplet earful. Father is really trying to make sure that he drives the nail home and let people know that he is a force that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If he keeps up with these kinds of releases that will certainly be true. @fatheraintshit / @FATMANKEY
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Father – Look At Wrist feat. iLoveMakonnen & Key!

I have never heard of Father before this so I must say that Key! brought me here but Oh My Guh! this track goes so hard! And I’m still new to iLoveMakonnen but he really went in on this one. This is the epitome of chill. This is also one of those times where I really feel like the mainstream needs to start to recognize that Rap is a multi genre art form now. I mean really. Artist such as Key! & iLoveMakonnen really are kind of sitting in a genre of their own but if they were to be nomitated for a Grammy they would bunch them in with every other rapper. Just saying. Really dope stuff. Definitely a new fan. @FatherAintShit / @iLoveMakonnen / @FATMANKEY
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