AWFUL RECORDS – #AwfulHoliday

Oh what was that? You say you didn’t have enough AWFUL RECORDS on your iPod?

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ETHEREAL - E Okay so I been getting hit by fans of this guy from left and right so I finally decided to give it a listen and I have to say that the peoples avidness is for good reason. This shit has gems within gems. What I mean by that is even though a track is dope you miss it’s real quality if your not paying attention. I think that this kind of stuff is what happens when you have someone this talented at production and writing. I will also say that just as I say much of artist with this quality. I would like to see more indulgence. Some of this production is so smooth, such as Slidin’, I just wish he would have let the beat play for a minute, like he does on Bleach which is awesome, after the vocals died. Don’t get me wrong he does this every once in a while and I think that sometimes artist like this want to avoid doing that because some people don’t necessarily enjoy it but just like Kanye West if you’re that good you should show it off. @ObieTheReal
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