EarthGang – METROPOLIS feat. J.I.D (prod. Childish Major)

Well well well. Spillage Village with the commentary for your ass got me sitting behind this computer screen thinking ’bout life. The flows as always are killer. The beat nasty. Can’t wait for this new project to drop. Y’all are killing it.

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EarthGang – Torba

EarthGang gives us a track for everyday of the week with their new project Torba which we can assume was cultivated out in LA where they have been spending much of their time.

On this cut we have a guest appearance from Mac Millar which should turn out to be a really good look. I wonder if there’s more in store than just a collaboration.

We also get SpillVill family members J.I.D & Jordxn Bryant to round it out.

This was a really cool little project and a nice way to bring in the weather change. Ride out.

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J.I.D – Dicaprio

What did you expect from J.I.D? It’s probably what you got here. Probably the best flow coming out of Atlanta currently. The delivery is just butter man and here you get about 8 tracks worth. Are you not entertained.

J.I.D throws in some Leonardo Dicaprio audio clips for good measure and name sake along with some known rhymes sayers such as his Spillage Village brethren EarthGang, Curtis Williams of Two9 acclaim and Key! (kinda)

Really dope stuff here but we expect nothing less from J.I.D keep it up. He’ll be household in no time.

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J.I.D – Le Hooligans feat. OG Maco & EarthGang

Le J.I.D with more fire of course what you expect? This time along with crew mates EarthGang and OGG lead man Maco.

This gets us really excited to hear the rest of J.I.D’s upcoming Dicaprio project which he has also already leaked the track list back album art.


Can’t man shout out to the Spillage Village.

@SlickSixJID / @OGMaco / @EarthGang
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J.I.D x 6LACK – “W4R” Ft. OG Maco & Alkebulan

And here we have the second release from J.I.D and 6LACK’s upcoming International Sad Boyz project and it’s just what you thought it was. Heat. With the accompaniment of OG Maco and Alkebulan (which is what I assume is the reason for the stylish 4 in W4R is for) it makes this a 4 man assault over the Deko production. They all kill it in there own way which is really impressive to see how the production sent them all in different directions. Usually when you get this many artist on one track you get a bit of some overlapping flows and styles but not here. As I’ve stated before I can’t wait to hear the rest of this project should be a really smooth listen. @SlickSixJID / @6LACK / @OGMaco / @Alkbln
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J.I.D x 6LACK Mourning Star (ft. India Shawn)

The smoothest ish out of the city right now and we are being promised a project of this! International Sad Boyz is supposedly on the way but we have no date yet. Great collab here with the India Shawn feature for good measure. This will be two back to back collaborative projects for J.I.D counting Lucky Buddah with MoneyMakinNique. I wonder if we’re getting the .5 anytime soon or if he’s holding off on that. Either way I’m pretty pumped about this project here definitely my kind of music and I’m hoping these guys come with it. @SlickSixJID / @6LACK
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J.I.D x Money Makin’ Nique – Lucky Buddha

If you live in Atlanta and you have a habit of staying up late then you know exactly where the project draws it’s name from. J.I.D and Nique go to work on the project which we hear came together in the course of 48 hours with the aid of the FAM. They also bring in Spillage Village teammates EarthGang and also Marian Mereba along for the ride. I love how even though they new it was going to be a short project the still have the audacity to give us a true intro. No rapping just a real introduction to the project. This is really cool stuff and we seem to be seeing a lot of collaborative projects coming out of the scene the summer and I like it. It just seems like everybody is having a lot of fun. @SlickSixJid / mOneyMakinNique
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J.I.D – “October / 3 Storms” ft. EARTHGANG

So premiered J.I.D’s visual for October / 3 Storms which got us to thinking “is this J.I.D’s first visual?” I guess it has EarthGang featuring so it would be more Spillage Village but this one is off of Para Tu so it is a J.I.D audio. Some one who is in the know should answer this question for us. Anyway I digress this visual is some pure #SpillVill which is what I love about it. They are establishing a brand. It feels like something I have or think I have seen from EARTHGANG which only aids to the Spillage Village image. Of course the vocals on this are dope as we have spoken on all audio from Para Tu. And know we play the waiting game… Para 2.5 @SlickSixJid / @EarthGang / @SpillageVillage
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