MoneyMakinNique – AirMax97 feat. OG Maco

“If you my n***a help me get some money!” will now go forever go down as an Atlanta saying and we have Nique to thank. This track is crazy and with OG Maco just for good measure along with the 808 Mafia production of TM88.

It really does feel like some of Nique at his most “Nique”. I has me really excited for his upcoming Bimmer Candidate project.

@mOneyMakinNique / @OGMaco
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OG Maco – 15

Great project from OG Maco here with a great meaning. 15 in reference to the 15 minutes of fame that most people claimed he would have after they heard the presumably one hit wonder quality of U Guessed It.

Maco has been proving since then that he has not only staying power but versatility. From features to personal tracks you never know what to expect from Maco and this is no different.

Only one thing that irks me about this project. It’s called 15 and only has 11 tracks. (lol I know I’m petty)

Dope stuff man.

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EarthGang – F Bomb (Remix) Feat. OG Maco

The boys of Spillage Village decided to give us another interpretation of their F Bomb hit and this time with OG Maco.

Dope stuff. Can’t wait to here more from these guys. They’ve been somewhat quiet since they’ve made it back from their tour with Ab-Soul. You know what that means. We’ll possibly see something big from them very soon.

@EarthGang / @OGMaco
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J.I.D – Le Hooligans feat. OG Maco & EarthGang

Le J.I.D with more fire of course what you expect? This time along with crew mates EarthGang and OGG lead man Maco.

This gets us really excited to hear the rest of J.I.D’s upcoming Dicaprio project which he has also already leaked the track list back album art.


Can’t man shout out to the Spillage Village.

@SlickSixJID / @OGMaco / @EarthGang
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Rome Fortune x OG Maco – YEP

The Atlanta eclectic Rome Fortune & the U Guessed It rapper OG Maco have teamed up to bring us a project of bravado entitled YEP. Rome had this to say to FADER, “We wanted to show our versatility and simply show that our paths to superstardom are inevitable. All you can say now is ‘Yep,'”. The versatility is all here. Both artist lend to the idea that they can basically do just about any style to effective measure on the 8 track outing (+ 1 bonus track). This project gets off to a bit of a slow start but amps up really quick. Not to say it had a weak start it’s all of it is club worth just in comparison Jungle feels more turned down than YEP and the tracks that follow. It almost feels like something meant to guide the night. Nice EP to go out to and have you a little turn up session. Dope stuff guys. Crazy color hair everywhere! OGG! @romefortune / @OGMaco
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The every socially conscious OG Maco gives us less yelling and more message this time around while staying entertaining. I could see something like this coming out from Maco in these ever trying times. This EP was quick and right on time. Much appreciated. @OGMaco
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Every time Rome Releases it’s thorough. Like extremely. Like his team is beast. Like shout out to Mike Boyd. I just don’t see how you don’t look at this video and then want to know more about this guy. Like if you haven’t heard of him before this and you see this video you’re definitely going to click on the next one. Shout out to Maco on this one as well. He always make you pay attention. At this point Rome just has to sitting at a table with a bunch a record contract in front of him basically just weighing his options. What more could they want? @romefortune
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Reese – Parade Feat. OG Maco and Cassey Veggies

So I been seeing a lot of mixed reviews about this track but hey I like it and I post what I like! You guys can’t tell me this this chorus isn’t catchy. It’s like the definition of catchy. One thing that this track also does for me is prove that Reese still has the juice. I mean to put OG Maco and Casey Veggies together over a DJ Mustard beat takes some pull. The kind of pull I wasn’t sure Reese still had. But he does. And I’m impressed. Oh and I a sucker for dope artwork. @iAM_REESE / @OGMaco / @CaseyVeggies
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J.I.D x 6LACK – “W4R” Ft. OG Maco & Alkebulan

And here we have the second release from J.I.D and 6LACK’s upcoming International Sad Boyz project and it’s just what you thought it was. Heat. With the accompaniment of OG Maco and Alkebulan (which is what I assume is the reason for the stylish 4 in W4R is for) it makes this a 4 man assault over the Deko production. They all kill it in there own way which is really impressive to see how the production sent them all in different directions. Usually when you get this many artist on one track you get a bit of some overlapping flows and styles but not here. As I’ve stated before I can’t wait to hear the rest of this project should be a really smooth listen. @SlickSixJID / @6LACK / @OGMaco / @Alkbln
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OG Maco – Love In The City

We got Maco here really gearing up for this run of like 10 A3C shows really trying to make sure that U Guessed It isn’t the only song people know from his set and he’s doing a very good job. Between this and FUCKEMx3 he’s going to have some real heat for these stages. When I first saw the title I got a little scared of what this could sound like. I thought “please don’t give us a slow jam this early1” and he didn’t. He definitely delivers on what we know him for even if it’s in a slightly different form and bring us some moody heat. Really dope that he rocks fellow artist Rome Fortunes shit in this one as well. I really wonder what a collab of those to would sound like. Can’t wait to see these performed. @OGMACO
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Congratulations OG Maco! + FUCKEMx3 (feat. Migos)

BwTKLQCCMAAhY87 We never actually got around to congratulating OG Maco on his signing to QC (Quality Control). It’s always awesome to see someone make a major move! And to commemorate this moment and our lateness here’s the first collaboration with his new labels mates Migos! @OGMaco
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