MoneyMakinNique – AirMax97 feat. OG Maco

“If you my n***a help me get some money!” will now go forever go down as an Atlanta saying and we have Nique to thank. This track is crazy and with OG Maco just for good measure along with the 808 Mafia production of TM88.

It really does feel like some of Nique at his most “Nique”. I has me really excited for his upcoming Bimmer Candidate project.

@mOneyMakinNique / @OGMaco
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Money Makin Nique’ x Johnny Cinco – The Extra EP (+ Run It Up Video)

Money Makin Nique’ & Johnny Cinco bring us The Extra EP. Super Cool and the kind of collaboration that seems really natural. Like these two guys may have already been really cool. (The dance Nique’ Does in the video makes me want to see it live so I can join in!) I feel like the styles compliment each other with out feeling so far apart that they shouldn’t be together. They naturally speak on similar subject matter while Johnny somewhat mumbles his way through lines Nique’ speaks extremely direct. Dope stuff. @mOneyMakinNique / 1JohnnyCinco
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