Rome Fortune + Ceej – loloU

Rome and Ceej finally give us a follow up to the critically acclaimed lolo outing and if I do say so myself it does not fail.

If you where a fan of the lolo project, which most were, you should really be digging this. Same as the first time around we get Rome on the vocals with Ceej taking care of the production both bringing an advanced version of what we saw years ago.

This is really cool stuff guys would love to catch another one of these every couple years.

@romefortune / @Two9CEEJ
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Rome Fortune – “OneDay” (Official Video)

Rome Fortune gives a super touching visual from some Beautiful Pimp 2 audio. GoldRush is really cranking out those super interesting videos for this guy.

Love this.

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Every time Rome Releases it’s thorough. Like extremely. Like his team is beast. Like shout out to Mike Boyd. I just don’t see how you don’t look at this video and then want to know more about this guy. Like if you haven’t heard of him before this and you see this video you’re definitely going to click on the next one. Shout out to Maco on this one as well. He always make you pay attention. At this point Rome just has to sitting at a table with a bunch a record contract in front of him basically just weighing his options. What more could they want? @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Drives, Thighs, & Lies

Usually we have a pretty decent wait from the moment Rome debuts the name of a project to when the project actually hits the web. Not this time. This time Rome delivers this Dun Deal collaboration project with the quickness and it comes with a little star power. Young Thug, JunglePussy, and Peewee Longway all make appearances and in good fashion. I will say this one felt like a quick release from Rome. It doesn’t necessarily feel as large as the Beautiful Pimps which is not a bad thing. It just feels more like the side project which I assume it to be. If you’re ever on the site you can probably tell that we are big Rome fans here. With the release of this it makes me wonder even more so, WHY ISN’T ROME ON THE RADIO! We really are getting hit tracks from him and it concerns me to think that stations are on such a payola system that even an undeniable radio smash does not get picked up. (Rant Over) We do see Rome’s star rising though. We understand at least some of his internal industry pull and we are right behind him. We just want to be able to say we called it first. @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Damn Good, Damn Different (prod. Dun Deal)

Damn. Do to Rome’s usual chill temperament when it comes to delivery you sometimes forget what he is capable of. So word is this track was suppose to be on his up coming project Drives, Thighs, & Lies produced in it’s entirety by Dun Deal but this particular instrumentation wound up on Kevin Gates recently leaked album so they they decided to go ahead and spring a leak of their own. Well if this is what Rome does to Dun Deal production then this is going directly into the most anticipated folder. S/O to Cowboy Pimpin’ @romefortune / @IAmDunDeal
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Rome Fortune – “I was on one, I can’t lie” (Dir. Goodwin)

Rome Fortune really did with this one. I literally enjoyed myself watching that. This really has made me even more excited for Beautiful Pimp 2. I really do wish he would do more shows in Atlanta even though I understand why he doesn’t. I just feel like it would go over so well. This music has a “singalongability” to it that would just be awesome once people know the words. I kind of hope this catches on as the new party music. And can we give it up to Goodwin on this one? I mean he really just tuck his foot deep down in this video! Kudos sir! S/O to Cowboy Pimpin’ @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Ice Cream Man

Beautiful Pimp II dropping this February!!! In the mean time check the visual for Ice Cream Man which features a Lucid FC plug. @romefortune And of what would Beautiful Pimp be without the controversial cover. Rome Fortune Beautiful Pimp 2
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Rome Fortune – SAFETY (dir. Goodwin)

Rome got one for you rapping ass fans out there with this one. He forgoes his usual laid back lax flow for something a little more rapid fire. We can dig it. Love fast passed subtitles flickering by in the bottom corner of the screen. Really nice touch to this Dun Deal produced audio. I almost waited for a “to be continued graphic” to appear at the end of the video. Definitely feels like there’s more to this story. Hats off to the director and S/O to the Cowboy Pimpin family. Who’s ready for Beatiful Pimp II? SideNote: Peep the Lucid Apparel. @romefortune / @IAmDunDeal / @GoodwinWinsgood
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Rome Fortune – Four Flats (prod. C4)

artworks-000056964944-068t2o-t500x500 A lot of people, especially as of late like to claim they are different. Rome is one of the few in the A that actually is and he shows it with consistency. The beard is gone but the flow is still the same. I believe the boy is out in Cali right now making things happen but we still keeping an eye on his movements. Nice works and S/O to the man C4, CowboyPimpin, and the Small World. @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Grind (Dir. Goodwin)

Rome drops the video for Grind. I’m not sure if this is a part of the new things from Rome to come or if he is just capitalizing on the buzz of the song. I feel like the feel of the track is a little different than what we heard on Beautiful Pimp. This seems a little more feel good to me which is perfect for the Summer time. Now if could just stop raining in the A we would be straight. None the less it’s a dope track with a dope visual to go along with it. Shout out to the whole Cowboy Pimpin set. @romefortune / @GoodwinWinsgood / @fkimusic
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Rome Fortune – Get The Guap

Late on the post from the hiatus but we back none the less. Rome Fortune with Get The Guap. Video shot out in Cali. At this point this is the sole video for Beautiful Pimp which may be the case indefinitely seeing as how he seems to be gearing up for the next project already. This project did a lot for the Balcony rapper but word on the street is the next project will dwarf this effort. I’m excited to see what they mean by this. The project had the backing of DJ Scream and HoodRich to push him into “about to blow” status, had him doing shows with Trinidad Jame$, and afterward released a feature cut with Gucci Mane so if the new effort makes this one look like a hobby project then we need to be prepared for this young man to be a true problem. Also check for the songstress Graham Knoxx who makes and quick cameo in the video. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. @romefortune
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