Rome Fortune – Drives, Thighs, & Lies

Usually we have a pretty decent wait from the moment Rome debuts the name of a project to when the project actually hits the web. Not this time. This time Rome delivers this Dun Deal collaboration project with the quickness and it comes with a little star power. Young Thug, JunglePussy, and Peewee Longway all make appearances and in good fashion. I will say this one felt like a quick release from Rome. It doesn’t necessarily feel as large as the Beautiful Pimps which is not a bad thing. It just feels more like the side project which I assume it to be. If you’re ever on the site you can probably tell that we are big Rome fans here. With the release of this it makes me wonder even more so, WHY ISN’T ROME ON THE RADIO! We really are getting hit tracks from him and it concerns me to think that stations are on such a payola system that even an undeniable radio smash does not get picked up. (Rant Over) We do see Rome’s star rising though. We understand at least some of his internal industry pull and we are right behind him. We just want to be able to say we called it first. @romefortune
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