Rome Fortune + Ceej – loloU

Rome and Ceej finally give us a follow up to the critically acclaimed lolo outing and if I do say so myself it does not fail.

If you where a fan of the lolo project, which most were, you should really be digging this. Same as the first time around we get Rome on the vocals with Ceej taking care of the production both bringing an advanced version of what we saw years ago.

This is really cool stuff guys would love to catch another one of these every couple years.

@romefortune / @Two9CEEJ
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Rome Fortune – “OneDay” (Official Video)

Rome Fortune gives a super touching visual from some Beautiful Pimp 2 audio. GoldRush is really cranking out those super interesting videos for this guy.

Love this.

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Rome Fortune x OG Maco – YEP

The Atlanta eclectic Rome Fortune & the U Guessed It rapper OG Maco have teamed up to bring us a project of bravado entitled YEP. Rome had this to say to FADER, “We wanted to show our versatility and simply show that our paths to superstardom are inevitable. All you can say now is ‘Yep,'”. The versatility is all here. Both artist lend to the idea that they can basically do just about any style to effective measure on the 8 track outing (+ 1 bonus track). This project gets off to a bit of a slow start but amps up really quick. Not to say it had a weak start it’s all of it is club worth just in comparison Jungle feels more turned down than YEP and the tracks that follow. It almost feels like something meant to guide the night. Nice EP to go out to and have you a little turn up session. Dope stuff guys. Crazy color hair everywhere! OGG! @romefortune / @OGMaco
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Every time Rome Releases it’s thorough. Like extremely. Like his team is beast. Like shout out to Mike Boyd. I just don’t see how you don’t look at this video and then want to know more about this guy. Like if you haven’t heard of him before this and you see this video you’re definitely going to click on the next one. Shout out to Maco on this one as well. He always make you pay attention. At this point Rome just has to sitting at a table with a bunch a record contract in front of him basically just weighing his options. What more could they want? @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Payin for It feat. JunglePussy & Relly Jade

Rome Fortune again with the super dope visual in the Drives, Thighs, & Lies EP cut Payin for It! I mean Goodwin is just killing every damn visual. He’s been making Rome look like a star for a good minute now. I was even excited to see Rome finally make his appearance near the end. We really are getting none stop amazing visuals from Rome & Goodwin and I can’t wait to see what the new project is going to sound and look like at this point. S/O to Mike Boyd! @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Trap Lady

Trippy! Rome Fortune with another genre bender. This one a collaboration with SuicideYear. Also it comes with the description of 1 of ? which means this could be another collaborative project in the making as we know they are back in the studio working on something else. I have a strong feeling we are about to see some kind of break out from Rome that puts him in a completely different position. If it happens before the end of the year then you can say we called it. @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – THE NIGHT feat. Childish Major

We got Rome with some slickness off of his upcoming Small VVorld LP. he comes with the aid of Childish Major on the vocals this time. I’m really looking forward to what this project could be. When it comes to Rome and his sound it really is no telling. He could left field us at any moment. That’s why we dig him though. S/O to the whole Cowboy Pimpin’ @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Drives, Thighs, & Lies

Usually we have a pretty decent wait from the moment Rome debuts the name of a project to when the project actually hits the web. Not this time. This time Rome delivers this Dun Deal collaboration project with the quickness and it comes with a little star power. Young Thug, JunglePussy, and Peewee Longway all make appearances and in good fashion. I will say this one felt like a quick release from Rome. It doesn’t necessarily feel as large as the Beautiful Pimps which is not a bad thing. It just feels more like the side project which I assume it to be. If you’re ever on the site you can probably tell that we are big Rome fans here. With the release of this it makes me wonder even more so, WHY ISN’T ROME ON THE RADIO! We really are getting hit tracks from him and it concerns me to think that stations are on such a payola system that even an undeniable radio smash does not get picked up. (Rant Over) We do see Rome’s star rising though. We understand at least some of his internal industry pull and we are right behind him. We just want to be able to say we called it first. @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Move Your Body

It’s always fun when Rome come’s around and this time is no different. I think one of the best terms used when describing his flow is infectious allow with his trade mark “I said”. This audio is off of the recently released (and not yet reviewed by us) Drives, Thighs, & Lies EP he created in collaboration with producer Dun Deal. This one looked like lots of fun. I wonder were it was shot cause IT DAMN SURE WASN’T ATLANTA CAUSE HE’S NEVER HERE! (I swear to god I’m going to put a hit out on Mike Boyd if the home town doesn’t get a show by the end of the year.) I mean really! Look how much fun everyone is having! We deserve fun! We deserve nice things! We deserve Rome live! @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Damn Good, Damn Different (prod. Dun Deal)

Damn. Do to Rome’s usual chill temperament when it comes to delivery you sometimes forget what he is capable of. So word is this track was suppose to be on his up coming project Drives, Thighs, & Lies produced in it’s entirety by Dun Deal but this particular instrumentation wound up on Kevin Gates recently leaked album so they they decided to go ahead and spring a leak of their own. Well if this is what Rome does to Dun Deal production then this is going directly into the most anticipated folder. S/O to Cowboy Pimpin’ @romefortune / @IAmDunDeal
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Retro Su$hi – “Zonin” feat. Rome Fortune

The first time I watched this video I’m not sure if the info was up or I just over looked it but I completely missed the fact that it has a Rome Fortune feature. Brings me back to a little LOLO (a project done by Ceej & Rome a while back, look it up!) Of recent memory this is the most different of all Two9 material I have heard. I really dig it. Shows great reach and a diverse musical palette but what I want to know is if this makes it into Two9’s rambunctious live sets. If you haven’t attended a Two9 live show your missing out. They are a lot of fun. The thing is is that I’m not sure if I have ever seen any member of Two9 on stage without the whole ensemble. This song doesn’t seem to be one to be performed with the gang on stage. I would love to see how it would be incorporated. Got my eye on you guys. @RetroSushi / @Two9CEEJ / @RetroJace / @Two9
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