Rome Fortune – “OneDay” (Official Video)

Rome Fortune gives a super touching visual from some Beautiful Pimp 2 audio. GoldRush is really cranking out those super interesting videos for this guy.

Love this.

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Alexis Glenn – Be Wary (

Taken from our friends at ALLIExperience Alexis Glenn dropped her first single from the EP – Irrational Illustrations at Heart. The fan favorite track, “Be Wary” is witten by Alexis Glenn and produce by Kebu. Video by Sean Kelly. I’m really digging this one yall. “This is the story of when we as humans depend on love to keep and make us happy, when at the of the day, only you can keep you happy”, says Alexis. “At times we are looking for love to save us, but ultimately only you can save you.” I’d like to add that knowing the young girls story adds wait to every song. Love the visual. S/O to her and the whole Black Klan family @Lexin8or Click HERE for our run down of her project Irrational Illustration At Heart.
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Chiiirp – Constantine

Back to back Chiiirp! So it seems as though this video is a 1 of 3, with The Dope being the first, of this artistic trinity. Or maybe I’m wrong and just guessing. The collective she has named the Beautifully Grotesque Art Performance piece. This is really interesting. I can’t wait to see the third. I wonder if they tie in together in any way. I know she has cited Marilyn Manson as an inspiration and he is well known for stringing together the story lines of his projects. Dopeness Chiiirp. Can’t wait to see how this all ends. @SmokingVapors
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Scotty – Clarity ft. Ebony Love

Almost missed out on the sir Scotty’s joint Clarity featuring Ebony Love. Can’t wait to here that FAITH. Had an amazing release party man. Shout Out to the Cool CLub. @ScottyATL
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