Rome Fortune – “OneDay” (Official Video)

Rome Fortune gives a super touching visual from some Beautiful Pimp 2 audio. GoldRush is really cranking out those super interesting videos for this guy.

Love this.

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Rome Fortune – Beautiful Pimp 2

Rome is back! Controversial cover and all. Okay one thing I love about this is all the production is handled by one producer CitoOnTheBeat. I just like the idea of two people molding a project together and not producers just sending over beats. As you would expect Rome is a producers dream. He does exactly what is needed to be impressive while at the same time not outshining the production. You equally enjoy both. Another thing I would like to point out is how Rome’s music even in a single song seem to fit multiple purposes. Tracks seem to fit your mood. A track that seems happy on the first listen can seem melancholy on the second or one that seems like a downer quickly becomes an upper if heard in a room full of people. Another stand out thing is the no features thing. I always point out when speaking on Rome that although an Atlanta native he seems to always be out of state which would lead me to believe that this project may have been recorded in either New York or LA. I wonder if his on the move lifestyle had anything to do with the decision or was it purely artistic. Basically the way I feel is that either way I enjoyed the decision. Rome’s voice along with the beat is so melodic at times that I almost feel as though a feature would kick you out of the dream (Inception reference) so to speak. Thumbs up all around from us on this one. S/O to Rome and his whole Cowboy Pimpin’ family @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – “I was on one, I can’t lie” (Dir. Goodwin)

Rome Fortune really did with this one. I literally enjoyed myself watching that. This really has made me even more excited for Beautiful Pimp 2. I really do wish he would do more shows in Atlanta even though I understand why he doesn’t. I just feel like it would go over so well. This music has a “singalongability” to it that would just be awesome once people know the words. I kind of hope this catches on as the new party music. And can we give it up to Goodwin on this one? I mean he really just tuck his foot deep down in this video! Kudos sir! S/O to Cowboy Pimpin’ @romefortune
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Rome Fortune – Ice Cream Man

Beautiful Pimp II dropping this February!!! In the mean time check the visual for Ice Cream Man which features a Lucid FC plug. @romefortune And of what would Beautiful Pimp be without the controversial cover. Rome Fortune Beautiful Pimp 2
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Rome Fortune – SAFETY (dir. Goodwin)

Rome got one for you rapping ass fans out there with this one. He forgoes his usual laid back lax flow for something a little more rapid fire. We can dig it. Love fast passed subtitles flickering by in the bottom corner of the screen. Really nice touch to this Dun Deal produced audio. I almost waited for a “to be continued graphic” to appear at the end of the video. Definitely feels like there’s more to this story. Hats off to the director and S/O to the Cowboy Pimpin family. Who’s ready for Beatiful Pimp II? SideNote: Peep the Lucid Apparel. @romefortune / @IAmDunDeal / @GoodwinWinsgood
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