J.I.D x Money Makin’ Nique – Lucky Buddha

If you live in Atlanta and you have a habit of staying up late then you know exactly where the project draws it’s name from. J.I.D and Nique go to work on the project which we hear came together in the course of 48 hours with the aid of the FAM. They also bring in Spillage Village teammates EarthGang and also Marian Mereba along for the ride. I love how even though they new it was going to be a short project the still have the audacity to give us a true intro. No rapping just a real introduction to the project. This is really cool stuff and we seem to be seeing a lot of collaborative projects coming out of the scene the summer and I like it. It just seems like everybody is having a lot of fun. @SlickSixJid / mOneyMakinNique
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