The ILL Table – Season 2 (Cam Kirk)

We’ve been slacking. If you guys haven’t caught it yet here is a season 2 ILL Table episode for camera man extraordinare Cam Kirk. Very interesting way to get your start. No description needed just check out the dope work from Ms. Nicole and her team. @IllTable / @ShellyNicole / @TheCamKirk
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The ILL Table: Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 | The ILL Table | Marian Mereba from The ILL Table on Vimeo.

The ILL Table is back with Season 2 and for the first episode we have the super dope Marian Mereba. One thing that I can see from the start is that there is more variation in the episode in comparison to previous episodes. I can really dig it. I does a good job of breaking up some of the monotony and makes you feel like you’re getting a lot more out of the experience. Also I can tell that the beautiful Shelanese is really coming into her own. She has developed those interview skills and it keeps you a bit more engaged in what her and Mereba have to say. She is definitely asking the right questions. Side Note: That little ending dialogue between her and Mereba at the end is super cute. Now I really want to her sing the ILL Table! @ShellyNicole
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