Glenn Saddler – Me and You (prod. Euwei)

Far Out Family’s Glenn Saddler brings us another Lucy’s cut this time in the form of an ode to his lady love. Check it out.

S/O Far Out Family

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Glenn Saddler – My Daddy’s Name (prod. StudeBaker)

Far Out Family’s Glenn Saddler has started a series of loose tracks called Lucy’s and he kicks it off with a flow drive one called My Daddy’s Name.

S/O to Far Out Family

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Bias the Black – SHAWN MICHAELS feat. Alkebulan & TheCoolisMac

This right here is some of the smoothest. Bias the Black gives us another super chill one of of the soon to come BLACKjujuu. This time with Alkebulan on the verse and TheCoolisMac on the Ad-Libs.

Okay so everybody on the scene knows that for a while now TheCoolisMac has had some of the coolest (no pun intended) ad-libs in the city. Really though you can’t not giggle a little every time you hear him in the background of something.

Hearing this what we know is BLACKjujuu is going to be something real chill. This right here is ride music.

Can’t wait for that BLACKjujuu

@BiastheBlack / @Alkbln / @TheCoolisMac
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Far Out Family – fright EP

The boys over at Far Out Family hit us with another one stashed in the vault. The prequel to the upcoming fret project fright. Some of the most well balanced stuff they have put out to date.

Super chill vibes and punching hard at the end. Hope You Do definitely one that’s staying in rotation over here.

Dope stuff guys can’t wait to hear fret.

@faroutfamily / @biastheblack / @glennsaddler
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Far Out Family – Real Boy Pinnochio

Real Boy Pinocchio from Far Out Family on Vimeo.

In the same vein as their Buzzcut video the Far Out Family give us Real Boy from the Pinckney project. This time with some really dope edits for good measure this one seemed to be a favorite for many people of the EP with it’s chill flow from Glenn Saddler and the spooky background rifts from Bias the Black. I can get down with this. Definitely smoker’s music. Can’t wait for that new stuff. @FarOutFamily
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Far Out Family – What The / $

The resident greasers Bias the Black & Glenn Saddler seem to be sliding out of this hiatus pretty nicely with a praise from the acclaimed Pigeons & Planes for this double video. This visual from their Declaration of Independence project follows the Bank robbery of the duo and the after math. Shot by Mario Christian with the edit by a reallyaWOLF favorite Artemus Jenkins. This really does capture the angst of the audio perfectly while at the same time the second half of the visual does a great job getting a hold of the somberness that is $. Really dope stuff guys can’t wait to see what’s up next. @FarOutFamily / @BiastheBlack / @glennsaddler
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Bias the Black – BLACKjujuu (10.31.14)

BJ Cover 4 Insta Really anticipating what this BLACKjujuu project from 1/2 of Far Out Family’s rapping duo is going to sound like. #respectthehunt he has been throwing around. Looking forward to some big things from these guys. @BiastheBlack / @FarOutFamily
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Far Out Family – #PINCKNEY

We were apart of the launch process so it’s only right that we get to speak on the mixtape as a whole and this is a mixtape in the sense of the word we once used. Lil Wayne style. sort of. Now a days when someone mentions “mixtape” they could be speaking about any form of music in project form from an artist. Not to long ago a mixtape was more so used when an artist hopped on the production already used by another and that’s what this is. The Far Out boys (and friends) jump on production from everyone from Curtis Williams to James Blake. This was a fun listen and it seems like we may be getting more of the as the cover art states “Far Out Family Reunion Series…” We get some really bomb verses on here from everyone involved and even little moody point from an untitled secret artist but what we also seem to get is a turning point from Bias the Black were we are getting a little singing sans rap. Such as the intro and outro where we have a singing Bias with a rapping Glenn which could make for some cool future stuff. I would have liked to see their guitarist the Living join in to aid in some of the production but this was a really cool side project to prepare us for what’s up next. @FarOutFamily
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Premier: Far Out Family – SpringBreak in the Wintertime feat. Pharoh

Far Out Family is back for day 2 of release off of their upcoming mixtape, PINCKNEY and reallyaWOLF was chosen to premier the second song, “Springbreak in the Wintertime”. This particular audio features verses from Glenn Saddler, Bias the Black, and Pharoh of STNDRD and the beat borrows a sample of Two-9’s Curtis Williams’ song “Face It”. This PINCKNEY is turning out to be a true mixtape in the old since of the word with artist jumping over the production of others with is really dope. Super dope verses from these guys with a spaztastic (yeah we make up words here at reallyaWOLF) verse opener from Pharoh, Bias the Black taking a bit of a different approach than his normal rapid fire flow, and Saddler bringing up the rear to close out with a screw assisted verse! Stay tuned for more music coming all week from these guys! Check out their day one PINCKNEY track , Old Friends, on I’ll definitely be doing a review of PINCKNEY in it’s entirety once all the audio has been released. @FarOutFamily / #PINCKNEY
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Far Out Family x Bias the Black – #FOtradingcards

So Far Out Family’s in house rapper / graphic designer Bias the Black brings us the #FOtradingcards These things are really cool and they have been saying that they are just going to continue to choose people at random to add to the series. Stay tuned for the Far Out Family Reunion Series: PINCKNEY Mixtape scheduled for release next week. @FarOutFamily / @BiastheBlack
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Bias the Black – as the game gently weeps (lbb004)

Bias the Black continues to rerelease older material through his (littleblackbirds) project. If you have ever been to a LRDRVN show then you know this one. Crowd favorite definitely. The live version has evolved over time but this one still holds up just do to shear lyrical acrobatics and the killer Beatles sample. Dopeness from the Far Out Family / Raven Corps allegiance. Can’t wait to hear what this BLACKhudii is going to sound like. @BiastheBlack
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