Fear The Walking Dead (Season 1)


Okay so I will preface my thoughts on this first season by saying this. I have read every issue of the Walking Dead up to this point & have seen every episode of the show. I am a fan of both.

Alright so here goes the howl.

I have heard much talk of descension toward the show. People are not a fan of it’s slow pace. I enjoy it’s slow pace. I believe it was set up that way in order to make us care a little more about our cast of protagonist than in The Walking Dead in which we were just thrown into the mix mid zombie apocalypse. I am enjoying getting to know this mixed family. Even the bratty kids.

Okay know here goes the bad. I actually wish it was moving a little slower.

Hear me out on this one. They have the eyes of many watchers and had the opportunity to do something really unique and I feel like we kind of just got the same reheated “Zombie out break happens. Government goes bat shit crazy. Military starts killing off guys with no real reason other than what seems to be that they’ve gone made with power within a weeks time of the outbreak.” story. I mean why does the government always loose their shit within like a week of an outbreak in like every zombie movie.

Or even the Daniel Salazar (Latin barbershop owner) character. He basically went just as crazy within a similar amount of time with no real back up plan for what was happening. He seems to take what is happening not serious at all and then all of a sudden way too serious. I mean he seems to have war time knowledge and background experience but for some reason he thought he would be able to trade a soldier for his wife with military armed men who have already lost their shit.

It then gets slightly crazier when he is able to heard a heard of zombie toward the facility with no fear or repercussion. I’m just saying to heard zombies safely in the original series it took weeks of planning and whole team and they have been living in a zombie infested world for quite some time and he seems to do it with much ease.

I am really digging this Victor Strand character (Black guy in the cell in a suit). We haven’t really seen a character like him in the original series. We never really got to see a character adjust to the new world so quickly. I’m really excited to see what his backstory is going to be and where they take this character. (As well as the Tobias character for that matter. He seems pretty prepared.)

The assisted suicide or Liza Ortiz (Latina Mother) was probably the saddest I’ve seen in the whole series. First off assisted suicide is always tough because you are already killing a person who wants to die but doesn’t want to die or is to weak physically to do it themselves. Two we are not looking at the hardened characters of the main series. These people are by most means still just regular people trying to figure out whats going on so to have to do that so early was extreme for all parties.

End Notes: I’m digging this so far. Hopefully we get more insight to what actually went wrong and we don’t just get a companion peace to the original story. I’m hoping they devil deeper into the whole “how the whole world falls prey to a zombie outbreak at the same time and not even the military can stop them” thing. (Which I always wonder about when it comes to zombie apocalypses.)

Sorry I jumped around so much. What do you guys think? Did you dig it? What would you change?
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