Supernatural – Season 11 (Episode 1)

SuperNatural raW

Okay so I’ve watched Supernatural on and off for basically ever. I fall off for a season or 2 then find myself wanting to catch up. As for the past season I actually watched it on schedule and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the whole Mark of Cain saga and all of that. I enjoyed Crowley’s mother bringing back a “witchy” element to the show. I even enjoyed the whole good Crowley / bad Crowley thing. I also thought being able to kill Death with his own scythe was kind of cool.

With all that being said let me get into the howl of it. I really enjoyed this season opener. To me one of the best season openers they have had in a while. They usually have a more exciting cliffhanger ending and then lead into it with a really slow season opener. This time the ending was really left up to your imagination. Death gets killed. Black stuff goes everywhere.

This time the season opens up to basically what I can only assume is them trying to get in on some of this zombie action coming from Walking Dead / Fear The Walking Dead and even Z Nation. It works. I kind of feel like this is what the show is a little more built for. It really gave me a The Last Of Us vibe.

As for “The Darkness” I feel like I’m having a bit of a love hate relationship with the idea. Here why.

One reason is the whole “one-upedness” of the idea and the show as a whole. It kind of follows this Werewolf < Ghost < Demon < Angel < Satan < Death < DARKNESS!!! kind of thing which just seems a little weak.

Kind of like

“We ran out of monsters guys. What next?”


“Defeated the Angels guys. What next?”


“Alright got rid of him who’s next?”


“Okay guys we deaded Death himself. What now.”


It was just a little cheesy to me. I kind of had the “really…” look on my face the whole time I was figuring out what was going on.

I will also say I was impressed that they let Crowley go through with the orgy even in woman form. It kind of lends to the fact that Crowley is an extremely old ancient demon spirit who is probably down with all forms of the get down. Lol.

Really enjoyed this season opener and can’t wait to see where they take this one.
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