The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1

Spider-Man raW

Okay so we are getting into this All New (more diverse) Marvel world and one of the first books I came across was The Amazing Spider-Man #1. It seems to be geared toward a bit of a younger audience but if you can get past that there may be something here for you.

Spoilers Ahead in this issue number 1 HOWL.

Okay so we open to Peter Parker who has basically become the new Steve Jobs i.e. WedWare. Think Apple everything. We are also caught in the middle of a high speed chase with Spider-Man in hot pursuit of a group of criminals in his Spider-Mobile. Yes his Spider-Mobile.

This immediately mad me think of all of those children’s toys where they try to up sale a naive child in the toy section by trying to sell him on the idea that The Flash needs a motorcycle.

Okay so what I will say is that this series may be a great platform for Marvel and the writers to show off some of those smarts that they always speak of Parker having but rarely show.

Okay so to make sure you’re keeping up Peter Parker is the owner of a multi-million dollar company and has everyone wearing WebWare & Spider-Man now has a SpiderMobile.

Mary Jane is no where in sight. Not sure if in this new world they ever met. They just don’t mention her but what we do know is that she still exists per the Ironman comic.

Okay so I want to say this one seems to be a little more light hearted but I’m not sure. Spider-Man isn’t an over all serious series to begin with. Maybe the whole car thing was just off putting for me but it’s going to take something special to get me to buy into this one again. What do you guys think? How are you feeling about Millionaire Parker?
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