American Horror Story – Season 4 (Freak Show)

American Horror Story Freak Show raW

So I finished up American Horror Story Season 4: Freak Show and before I get into it let me preface it a little. I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons with season 3 (Coven) being my favorite.

With that being said let me get into the howl. SPOILERS AHEAD

I really wasn’t feeling this season which is sad because it probably had the most potential and seemed like the one they reached the farthest with. (especially casting wise)

Okay so first off those oddly placed musical numbers. I get what he producer and writer said they where trying to do. Choose current songs so that it would give a person living now the same feeling as an old song gave the person living then. It’s a reach but I get it. Didn’t make it any less corny. Glad they stopped those about mid season.

That wasn’t the real flaw with this season for me the real flaw was it’s disjointedness. It just kind of seemed like they had to many characters just kind of doing there own thing with no real central story going on.

There were also just wasted characters like the killer clown. I mean what was that even really about. He was the only truly scary character before they had another truly scary character come and take him away. It was just a really plot twist. To have the only supernatural character come into the picture only to take your only truly terrifying character off into the night.

Which just kind of left us with a con-artist and a spoiled brat who are both dispatched of fairly easily. The rest of the characters just seemed kind of pointless.

There just seemed to be a lot of stuff going on and nothing going on. Whole thing was just “blah” for me. Let me know guys. Did I just miss something?
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