#theHOWL : Power ( Season 1 )


I’m super late but sometimes I like to get into things after the hype dies down. Here are my thoughts on season one of Power.

I’m running this things down list style. Straight stream of consciousness here.

!SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue Reading
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Fargo – Season 2: Episode 1

Fargo raW

I’m a fan of Fargo. Enjoyed the first season and the 1996 original film. All really well done I think but who am I?

SPOLIERS AHEAD as we get into theHOWL of this Minnesota crime drama. Continue Reading
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Mockingjay (Novel)

Mockingjay raW

So After a hiatus from reading this trilogy I finally picked it up again to go ahead and finish up our journey with Katniss Everdeen. Before I get into this review I will say that this was the only book of the trilogy that I found myself putting down for long stretches at a time. That’s not to say it was bad.

SPOILERS AHEAD on my final HOWL of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Continue Reading
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The Flash – Season 1

The Flash raW S

Okay guys so to be completely honest this was a series that I was not looking forward to. Going into this my expectations were quite low. That may have something to do with why I was so impressed.

SPOILERS AHEAD of the red blur, the fastest man alive. Continue Reading
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American Horror Story – Season 4 (Freak Show)

American Horror Story Freak Show raW

So I finished up American Horror Story Season 4: Freak Show and before I get into it let me preface it a little. I really enjoyed the first 3 seasons with season 3 (Coven) being my favorite.

With that being said let me get into the howl. SPOILERS AHEAD Continue Reading
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The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1

Spider-Man raW

Okay so we are getting into this All New (more diverse) Marvel world and one of the first books I came across was The Amazing Spider-Man #1. It seems to be geared toward a bit of a younger audience but if you can get past that there may be something here for you.

Spoilers Ahead in this issue number 1 HOWL. Continue Reading
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