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Mockingjay raW

So After a hiatus from reading this trilogy I finally picked it up again to go ahead and finish up our journey with Katniss Everdeen. Before I get into this review I will say that this was the only book of the trilogy that I found myself putting down for long stretches at a time. That’s not to say it was bad.

SPOILERS AHEAD on my final HOWL of the Hunger Games Trilogy.

So there you have it. That’s all. Wrapped in a nice little bow. We have complete closure and also a little epilogue just incase everyone wanted to know how things turned out.

As I stated before this is the only book in the trilogy that I was able to really put down and walk away from. Really the only reason I finished it was because I had invested so much time in the series already.

I’m not really sure what to say about this one. Similar writing style which is not bad, it definitely moves the plot along at break neck speed, but for some reason it still felt like at parts the story just dragged on.

It does fall victim to certain problems that occur in the third part to many trilogies and that’s that the creator is trying to wrap everything up and only has one project to do it in. Things get left out. Plot holes begin to appear. Examples.

Why in the world would the capitol be doing live broadcast??? It makes no since that a group of people, who obviously have the capability to play prerecorded programing, hence the reused footage of District 13, would do something as reckless as put an enemy hostage who may know your plans on live TV and broadcast it to your enemies.

I feels like she starts to get a little carried away with the Tech and Mutts. Okay so yes there has been tech in the series and yes there have been mutts in the series but this just got a little out of hand for me. With the kind of things that they were showing that the capitol has at it’s disposal it is kind of hard to think they would have a hard time taking out our band of “allies” in District 13. I mean every pod had some different other worldly concoction waiting to be released inside. Why did they not go into biological warfare after they dropped the nukes on them. That to me was the logical answer but hey maybe they thought they got ’em so there was no need.

As for the whole fight through the Capitol it just kind of seemed like she went into an elementary school classroom looked at a student and said “Where should I take the story from here?” and before that student got to finished his statement she cut him off and asked the girl sitting next to him “And then what should happen?”

I mean it felt a little like she had a bunch of ideas for hunger game traps but knew she would not get to use them so she just dropped them all in the street of the capitol. I would have been surprised if “And then zombies of all there loved one came out of the ground and when you shot them toxic gas and killer bees comes squirting out.” You know it sounds right.

Another thing I found somewhat weird about the series is the half way character development of extras. I book two of the trilogy “Catching Fire” we are introduces to a new extremely evil Peackeeper by the name of Romulus Thread (You remember, the one that whipped Gale.) Collins goes into describing his appearance and aura in great depth to the point that I’m assuming “New Villain” but no. He is never heard from again. I was sure he was going to make some kind of appearance in the final run but no. I feel like a final confrontation between himself and Gale would have been Awesome. Missed opportunity.

Side Note: I feel the same way about Tigris. What was her deal. We never really get to find out.

Not all bad though. I love the way it ends for the most part. Her shooting Coin. Snow dying on his own. Brilliant. Even her ending up with Peeta seems correct, almost opposite from the twilight series. She ends up with the nice guy.

All in all I can dig it. The first book is obviously the strongest but the second two are not bad follow ups. Even though I haven’t seen the movie yet I am interested in how they are going to pull off some of the more techno-warfare type scenes as well as the mutts and what not. Couldn’t be any harder than Twilight trying to pull off a talking completely self aware new born baby.
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