Invincible Iron Man – (2015) #1

Invincible Iron Man

I’m really not sure how I feel about this Iron Man reboot just yet but I am willing to give it a couple issues to see how it goes. I’m pretty sure he’ll be just as important as he was in the previous universe but we’ll have to wait and see.

SPOILERS AHEAD here’s my HOWL on the Invincible Iron Man.

Okay so we’re in a newer fresher universe and the first thing that we hear is that the Iron Man suits that we are custom to seeing have been basically replicated by some college student showing us that Tony Stark has been resting on an old model of his build for far to long which drives him to build a newer suit far greater than anyone he has built previously. It seems to be more bio metal than just a robot armor suit. Think less T-800 and more T-1000 for all my Terminator heads out there.

We also come to realize Tony is no longer mega rich he’s just rich. Basically he’s no longer a billionaire but still and millionaire. The largest fall out from this in the new Marvel universe as a whole seems to be the idea that the Avengers can no longer tear up a city block without it actually hurting someones pockets. Also no more Avengers mansion. I think.

Other than that we seem to be dealing with the same Stark we all kind of love. Regular Jarvis is now replaced by Holo-form AI lady named Friday. Fits pretty well.

Tony is still up to his playboy ways with the only surprise being that Victor Von Doom shows up at the very end of the issue with a new and improved face (no scars) which even God Doom of Secret Wars could not rid himself of. Not sure what this will mean as a whole but I’m down to give it a few issues to see how this plays out.

What do you guys think? You digging the slightly altered Tony Stark?
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