#theHOWL : Power ( Season 1 )


I’m super late but sometimes I like to get into things after the hype dies down. Here are my thoughts on season one of Power.

I’m running this things down list style. Straight stream of consciousness here.

  • Power is nothing like Empire. It’s not even close. Saying that is almost racist. LOL. The only thing they seem to have in common is that they both contain a mostly black cast. Power is far more violent and a much more dark and brooding show. Something you would expect coming from a premium channel (Stars, HBO, etc.) versus something on basic cable (Fox, NBC, etc.). Not saying one is better or worse they’re just different.
  • This first season moved a bit too slow for my liking. The wife watched the first 2 episodes with me and then came back in on about episode 7. Nothing had changed. I’m not necessarily feeling like the writing/dialogue is good enough for it to merit moving this slow. This ain’t Mad Men level dialogue here. They could definitely speed this up a bit.
  • I’m digging Tommy’s character even though it’s very obvious he’s a little off his rocker and is surely going to do something extremely foolish in the future.
  • I get Tasha’s character but at the same time I don’t get her character. You have to know that your relationship is in real trouble if your husband is telling you he has an alternative to his extremely dangerous job in which he could be killed any day (or be sent to jail and his family is in constant danger) and your response is that the money is to good and you always wanted him to be a drug king pin. You have to know that he’s eventually going to leave you for someone who is not okay with him possibly getting killed every day.
  • 50 Cent as 50 Cent.
  • I feel like this first season was one long introduction to the characters as a whole so that we would really understand who they were and what their motives were for later seasons.
  • So nobody else wants out of the drug game? Look I’ve been around street guys all my life who all they know is selling drugs and robbing people. If you were to offer them a legitimate way out into a stable lifestyle they would take it. I find it weird that the main character’s special trait is that he wants out of the drug game. Usually the way it goes is that everyone wants out and then you have that one crazy guy who is truly in love with the street. (Think Marlo Stanfield from the Wire. Also cool to see Jamie Hector here on Power in the role of Haitian gang leader Drifty.)
So How did you guys feel about the first season of Power. Let us know. Can’t wait to get into the rest of this. I’m binging.
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