#theHOWL : True Blood ( Season 1-2 )


The Vampire mythos is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Ever since getting deep into the world through Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles I’ve always been interested in stories about night walkers especially when they introduce other creatures of the night into the fray.

As always I’m super late on the series but here are my thoughts on seasons 1 & 2 of True Blood.

Listing off my thoughts shotgun style.

  • I enjoy the fact that the story takes place in Louisiana. It feels like a nod to Anne Rice but it could just be that Louisiana is a cool place to put vampires do to it’s damp canopy like nature. Not only are there trees everywhere to block sunlight but being a person from the south I can tell you that there are many places down here a person could live if they don’t want to be bothered.
  • Lafayette is badass.
  • What’s up with all these stories about vampires being in love with some girl but they don’t know why. It’s just like “you smell good so I’m now willing to give up my immortal life for you.” (see Twilight)
  • The best part about this show is that it doesn’t take itself seriously. I mean the show can get serious but it also pokes fun at itself when it needs to. (something Twilight probably should have done)
  • With how powerful vampires seem to be on this show it seems crazy that the Fellowship of the Sun would want to start a war with them. It seems the only way anything can stand a chance against them is a sneak attack so going to all out war with them seems a bit stupid. The show basically shows us that one vampire can kill a room full of people in like a second.
  • If I tell you I saw something just believe me. It irks me when a character tries to explain that they saw something crazy and other characters act like they must have been just seeing things. There are vampires running for office and you don’t believe I saw a pig over there in a shed?!
  • I like it when vampire stories use the old myth of vampires not being allowed into your home unless you invite them. I’m not sure why I just do.
  • I’m not a huge fan of the idea that the older vampire automatically wins the fight. I get that that’s how most vampire stories play it but it makes the whole point of a vampire training pointless. Why train to become this great fighter if the winner of the fight is basically predetermined. It’s and idea that I like and don’t like at the same time. It just feels like it comes into play way to often here. It’s like “I was born a year before you thus I am so much stronger than you that you have no hope it taking me on.”
  • I’m assuming Sookie is going to become a total bad ass later but right now she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I do think it’s cool that she keeps her judgements of people to a minimum even though she knows what they are thinking. I also like the fact that the story starts off with all her close friends and family already knowing she can read minds. That saved a lot of time and a pointless story arch.
  • Killing Maryann was mad convoluted. That shit was like a 9 step plan.
  • Tara just can’t catch a break.
  • I can be completely honest and say I did not see that whole Rene being the bad guy thing coming. They played that one pretty well.
  • Is it me or does Eric seem to have no purpose. Maybe his character is suppose to be written that way but he seems to be here just the fuck with other characters. He doesn’t really seem to have any goals of his own and just sits on a throne in a club most of the time.
Alright guys so this was just a run down of my random thoughts on the first 2 seasons. I’m pretty sure a bunch of stuff happens here and the story takes a bunch of twists and turns so I’m down for it.

How did you guys feel the first time watching?

My next True Blood review will be on the series as a whole I think. Just going to binge right through this on.
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