Fargo – Season 2: Episode 1

Fargo raW

I’m a fan of Fargo. Enjoyed the first season and the 1996 original film. All really well done I think but who am I?

SPOLIERS AHEAD as we get into theHOWL of this Minnesota crime drama.

Okay man look. This is really just excellent TV and it’s really difficult for me to write a review on how I feel about this because I really can’t explain why. Maybe because I didn’t go to school for this.

A part of me wants to say it’s the pacing. It moves along at a pace that is slow while at the same time being quite fast and I’m not exactly sure how they achieve this. Some seems to be their off the wall characters who do things that seem completely outrageous while at this same time making you think “I know a guy just like that.”

I’m usually not down for prequels but I’m down for this. I think the reason is because it feels like I’m not actually getting a prequel but more of a story that takes place in the same town just a few years prior. It doesn’t seem like they will be trying to tie the stories together which is fine by me.

Seems like we’re getting a little Mob action in this one which I’m always a big fan of. (SIDE NOTE: I’m a sucker for anything mafia related.)

I loved Molly. Possibly one of my favorite characters in a series ever and I think I’m going to feel pretty good about her father, Lou, as well. They just seem like good old small town deputies.

Still not sure what we are suppose to gather by that intro but I’m sure we’ll get it by the end. We have a lot of episodes to go.

Just as the first season we get a lot of “what the hell” moments in this first episode. Rye killing the judge, the cook and the waitress only to go outside and be hit by Peggy.

Also one of the parallels that I already see from the first season is the whole “square get’s involved with the wrong crowd” thing. We saw it in the first season with Lester getting involved with Lorne Malvo and we see it with the store owner getting involved with Rye.

Last thing. What the hell with Peggy hitting Rye and just driving home with a supposedly dead man sticking out of the front of your windshield. And what was he doing in the dark corner of the garage when Ed finds him and shines the flash light on him. That scene was way creepy.

Think I’m going to really love this season. Either way I’m down for the ride.
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