Lyftd Clothing Co. – Late Winter Release

So we got a little sneak peek at Lyftd’s late Winter release slated to drop Feb. 7th along with the new site. I really can’t wait to see what the what else they have in store for this release. It’ll also be available to the masses for the first time I’m being told. No more tracking these guys down or having to get the special order. SideNote: Is that Zip Kennedy? If so dope choice and I’d like to say this about branding when it comes to some of these Atlanta clothing lines. I’ve seen many lines collaborating with the hottest artist with no real thought behind if the artist actually coincides with the brand. Shout out to the Lyftd guys for going with a more forward thinking artist who actually seem fit the image of the line. Here’s to hoping they keep that in mind when it comes to future collaborations and what not. @Lyftd
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