Nike Air Max 90 “Cork”


Hitting the shelves in April and I need some. Nike unveiled the Air Max 90 “Cork” set to be released this April and possibly in limited supply. Only hitting a few retailers so be on the look out. We all know how popular anything with the infrared colorway on it is nowadays.
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Nike Air Max 90 Essentials (Infrared)

nike-air-max-90-essential-infrared-1 Since we’re in the 90’s now…these. That is all. No but really though big fan of this style and and you can’t beat the infrared color way. It’s basically a hit every time Nike uses it. I love the look of the shoe and really it merits the purchase on that alone but I do wish it had more utility. I mean you may be able to shoot around some and go for a little jog but definitely wouldn’t pick up a serious game or going for a real run in these but that’s basically a gripe with most shoes. It’s hard to have it both ways. They gave us the white now we got the black which of course you need to come out of the pocket a tad more for but worth it I believe. *peeped the shoe via HYPEBEAST @nike
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