Money Makin’ Nique – Guyana Gold

artworks-000059252837-u5tyxm-t500x500 Alright boys and girls we got the Lion King Money Makin’ Nique in the building with the new project Guyana Gold and let me go ahead and preface this. This is NSFW you feel me?! I’m being all the way real with you guys and when I’m telling you that that parental advisory warning on the cover of this project is not to be taken lightly. Some of these lyrics are not for everybody you feel me? I mean this shit get graphic! If you know Nique then you know what’s up. Nique comes with that aggressive. Unapologetic. Get slapped. Have a biscuit. Getcho bitch took. Shit. Have nice day rap. Nique’s rapping prowess is prevalent track to track but it’s really on things like Funny Guy when he changes it up that show off real skill. With that being said for me that wasn’t the best part of the project. The best moment on the project for me comes at the very end. As real as it seems he is through out the work nothing is realer than Roaches & Divine Murder in which he points a finger at project posers who claim hood life but have never “put(in) cereal in the fridges so roaches can’t get in.” The line literally made me say DAMN out loud. It was to real. These are the kind of moments I really want to see more from some of these artist in our scene but that kind of truth and vulnerability is rare. Especially in a money maker. S/O to the Money Makin’ Bros. @mOneyMakinNique / @calmdOwnKd / @JerzwOrkin
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