Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto (Recap) – pres. by RCFC

CottovsCanelo raW x RCFC

[Boxing Recaps brought to you by “Raven Corps Fight Club“]

First off I want to bring up the fact that the undercard fight of Takashi Miura and Francisco Vargas for the super featherweight championship will go down as a possible fight of the year. It was just incredible pugilism. No one saw that coming.

Okay as far as the main event here’s your RCFC run down of this long time boxing rivalry of Puerto Rico vs Mexico.

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Look people I get choked up during Rocky movies so take this review with all the grains of salt you can find. I am a huge Rocky fan because I’m a huge boxing fan so the cards are stacked in the favor of Creed here.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Let’s get ready to rumble with this HOWL on the newest chapter in the Rocky franchise Creed. Continue Reading
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