TheCoolisMac – Underground Grammy (DJ Burn One)

TheCoolisMac Face Card is definitely straight. He is know in every Atlanta circle. Respected in every Atlanta circle. Everybody love Mac! And know we got Underground Grammy! Mac been making his rounds lately with homies Scotty (I don’t add the ATL because I’m from the A and if you say Scotty round here they should already know who you talking about.) and rocking crowds with some of the new material which got people really buzzing about the project. As for this project it really kind of embodies why everybody likes Mac. It’s fun. It’s Hard. It’s pimp. It’s smooth… It’s kind of Snoop. It think that’s a good reference. Everybody loves Snoop. And just as a young Snoop you kind of feel like Mac can do many things. He gives you some gritty but he also gives you a lot of smooth. He gives you some stuff for the ladies while at the same time never making you feel like he’s gone soft. You know, pimp shit. Of course many people have been hailing the Scotty feature on Nominations (which is really dope) my favorite is still the Quentin Miller feature on UpThruDere2013. You just don’t really get any smoother than a Mac and Miller collab in the A. I’m really hoping this propels the boy Mac to his next stage. I’m ready to see this guy. Headlining some of these shows. Straight dopeness. S/O to BornRICH and the Cool Club establishments @thecoolismac / @djburnone
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Scotty – Game feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Trinidad Jame$

From the too dope #FAITH project Scotty (or ScottyATL) drops the visual for the most star studded track of the album “GAME” via Complex. The track produced by DJ Burn One is true to the concept, old southern pimp ish and I love how they take on the role different characters and the reoccurring Martin Lawrence / Jerome esc character in Scotty’s video (who kind of looks an awful lot like Trinidad. lol.). This video really does put Scotty in a different place. That kind of star power does say a hell of a lot about where he is right know. The progression is real but even a quick Google search of the mans name at this point will tell you that where he is now and where he was a year ago are two very different places. Kudos to the ever humble boy Scotty for putting on for the city. And S/O to Motion Family for the visuals. @ScottyATL / @BIGKRIT / @TrinidadJamesGG / @djburnone / @ComplexMag / @MotionFamily
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Scotty – #FAITH (DJ Burn One)

Scotty FAITH
Atlanta got to stand the fuck up for this one I mean come the fuck on! This tape is just to legit. If you are in the city and in the scene worth a damn you at least know who Scotty is and the fact that he basically has a cosign from everyone you’ll meet in the scene who is worth a damn should tell you that he is worth a damn! From Scotty’s previous catalog you know you are going to get some of that down south / 3rd coast type deal and to be honest when I saw KRIT on the tape I lost it for just a second and became a complete fanboy. Oh and shout out to the rest of the Atlanta brethren on the tape TheCoolIsMac, Curtis Williams, Trinidad Jame$, and the new to the scene rapidly rising Miloh Smith to name a few. Know let me go get some FILAs and a old school ’84 right quick. I’m feeling patriotic about my city. @ScottyATL / @djburnone / @BIGKRIT / @TrinidadJamesGG / @thecoolismac / @ThatBoyCurtis / @milohsmith
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