Wara From The NBHD – If Guns Could Speak EP

Part Hip Hop part Grunge. All from the neighborhood. Radically articulated with a bit of a call to arms style of lyricism. Everything from the sound the artwork is very provocative. You can tell he’s trying to evoke a bit of a reaction.

You can definitely hear the ever present N.E.R.D quality in his music and it used to good degree the time. Very “wildin’ out on top of a cop car” ish. Dope stuff.

Be warned this is not chill music. This is angry music.

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Wara From The NBHD : P.N.S

Wara From The NBHD gearing up for the new project he recently announced, If Guns Could Speak. Can’t wait. To keep us on our toes he drops the dopeness that is first project cut P.N.S which we can only assume stands for Protect N Serve. (if we’re wrong correct us) wara-guns-ep Super cool stuff wonder if this sound will be the direction for the new stuff. If so we can’t wait. Shout Out to the whole PlayinFourKeeps @warafromthenbhd
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