BADBADNOTGOOD feat. Wara from the NBHD – Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada’s Flip)

An even deeper foray into the alt realm from Wara from the NBHD with a BadBadNotGood mash up and we have to say we really dig this one.

Not really sure how this one cam about or who was involved but it’s dope nonetheless. Really would be down to hear more stuff like this. You could kind of see it coming with the sound of his If Guns Could Speak Project. Dope Stuff.

@badbadnotgood / @warafromthenbhd
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Wara From The NBHD – If Guns Could Speak EP

Part Hip Hop part Grunge. All from the neighborhood. Radically articulated with a bit of a call to arms style of lyricism. Everything from the sound the artwork is very provocative. You can tell he’s trying to evoke a bit of a reaction.

You can definitely hear the ever present N.E.R.D quality in his music and it used to good degree the time. Very “wildin’ out on top of a cop car” ish. Dope stuff.

Be warned this is not chill music. This is angry music.

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Wara From The NBHD : P.N.S

Wara From The NBHD gearing up for the new project he recently announced, If Guns Could Speak. Can’t wait. To keep us on our toes he drops the dopeness that is first project cut P.N.S which we can only assume stands for Protect N Serve. (if we’re wrong correct us) wara-guns-ep Super cool stuff wonder if this sound will be the direction for the new stuff. If so we can’t wait. Shout Out to the whole PlayinFourKeeps @warafromthenbhd
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Wara from the NBHD – Brockett Road Rage

Damn. In the dictionary next to “goes hard”. Really dope stuff reminiscent of aggressive NERD. I can dig. We know Wara’s gearing up for some new stuff I wonder if this made the cut or if it’s just anther one of his “loosies”. Either way really dope stuff. @warafromthenbhd
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DylanTran – Warning Shots ft. Wara from the NBHD

Producer DylanTran releases production with vocals by Wara. Really feel like this was a great blend. I wouldn’t mind hearing a small EP collaboration from these two. It really does seem like a lost cut from KIDNAPPED. Really dope stuff. Gotta check out more of DylanTran’s work. @dylantran / @warafromthenbhd
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Wara From the NBHD – Slangin

Basically a back to back drop from Wara with Slangin. following close behind RAW which seems to take place in the same world. Wara definitely stated at one point that the story was not over. I wonder how many more videos we are going to get out of the KIDNAPPED project. Maybe he’ll even give us a conclusion to Piano Lesson’s story. SideNote: Not mad a all the shameless promotion either. lol. Get your Playin’ Four Keeps apparel today! @warafromthenbhd
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Wara from the NBHD – RAW ft. Grande Marshall

So what we have here it seems like is a two part video from Wara with Raw coming first and Slangin to be released at a later date. One thing I really commend about the visual is how it follows the story of KIDNAPPED with Wara actually taking on the roll of his created character Piano Lessons (or at least that’s how I interpreted it.) I also wonder how crazy the Slangin video is going to be. They have really been tooting the horn about it so we should be in for something really dope. Can’t wait. With this new verified account I think Wara is definitely poised to blow next. @warafromthenbhd / @GrandeMarshall
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Wara from the NBHD – You Must Die (+ NY Times Article)

Wara from the NBHD got a print write up in the NY Times and to celebrate dropped a new single on us by the name of You Must Die! Very exciting stuff and we’re very proud of the Atlanta native for this much deserved recognition. He told us he wasn’t going to let up on us and he sure hasn’t. Read the NY Times article HERE! @warafromthenbhd
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Wara from the NBHD – KIDNAPPED

He kept us waiting on this one but he finally delivered. Wara from the NBHD’s KIDNAPPED is a concept project told from the perspective of a young protagonist who is only known by his street alias “Piano Lessons” which seems to be given to him for a task that he seems to neglect for more monetary goals throughout the album. Wara really does come through on this one with the heavy load of the production all coming from him, of course with the exception of the live instrumentation. A lazy comparison maybe but a lot of it does have a Jay Z over Neptunes production vibe which definitely isn’t a bad thing but of course is something he is aware of at this point even going as far as snatching a sample from the Jay Z and Pharrell collab I Know for his infectious single Beige. Even the aggression on the project is subdued with more of that emotion coming out of the production while Wara plays the cool dangerous type. This project is definitely good enough to push Wara into the next realm of music. He basically has every publication that a rap artist would want rocking with him already. It really seems like it’s just a matter of time before someone snatches this guy up. @wrafromthenbhd
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Wara from the NBHD – RAW feat. Grande Marshall

You can tell Wara is proud of his production when he gets Kanye West indulgent near the end of this and just lets the beat play for a full minute plus. LOL. I love it. This KIDNAPPED is really turning out to be something crazy. I’m just going to wait for this one to drop and not try to speculate what I think it’s going to sound like but I will say this. It’s does give that early Jay/Pusha feel. S/O to the Playin’ Four Keeps family. Give me some apparel! @warafromthenbhd
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Wara from the NBHD – Beige

This just broadened Wara a whole hell of a lot! I mean this is a very different sound than what we are used to hearing from him while still sounding similar and not to far off. I mean he really did do something really cool here. It’s a feel good track about crack. In the words of the legendary crack rapper himself “That’s rare nigga!” – Pusha T @warafromthenbhd
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