OG Maco – 15

Great project from OG Maco here with a great meaning. 15 in reference to the 15 minutes of fame that most people claimed he would have after they heard the presumably one hit wonder quality of U Guessed It.

Maco has been proving since then that he has not only staying power but versatility. From features to personal tracks you never know what to expect from Maco and this is no different.

Only one thing that irks me about this project. It’s called 15 and only has 11 tracks. (lol I know I’m petty)

Dope stuff man.

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Rome Fortune – “OneDay” (Official Video)

Rome Fortune gives a super touching visual from some Beautiful Pimp 2 audio. GoldRush is really cranking out those super interesting videos for this guy.

Love this.

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TWO-9 – B4FRVR + World Gone Crazy (Video)

two-9-mixtape Two-9 back to prove they still have a strangle hold on the city. Really excited about this one as should everyone be basically. One thing that had me worried was their first single off of the tape was extremely feature heavy and with a 5 man group you really can’t afford to be. Glad to say the features pretty much end with that track.

Another really cool attention to detail is the way they have set up the cover and track art. Only the member who is featured on the track has his face shown the rest are darkened out. We’ll chalk that up to Fani until proven other wise. LOL.

On to the music the first video is perfect and crazy. Jace starts it of strong as he should with the caption for the world as an introduction to each member. The tracks are classic Two-9 mosh-pit starters. If you love the 9 you’ll love this.

Dope work guys! This is how you start of a mainstream career. They people are going to love this.

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serve, serve, serve!

How many times did we say these two should be a duo? This track is crack! Mac is hilarious as always. Miller is cool as hell. Would love to hear a full length from these guys.

@thecoolismac / @Quentin__Miller
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EarthGang – F Bomb (Remix) Feat. OG Maco

The boys of Spillage Village decided to give us another interpretation of their F Bomb hit and this time with OG Maco.

Dope stuff. Can’t wait to here more from these guys. They’ve been somewhat quiet since they’ve made it back from their tour with Ab-Soul. You know what that means. We’ll possibly see something big from them very soon.

@EarthGang / @OGMaco
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J.I.D – Dicaprio

What did you expect from J.I.D? It’s probably what you got here. Probably the best flow coming out of Atlanta currently. The delivery is just butter man and here you get about 8 tracks worth. Are you not entertained.

J.I.D throws in some Leonardo Dicaprio audio clips for good measure and name sake along with some known rhymes sayers such as his Spillage Village brethren EarthGang, Curtis Williams of Two9 acclaim and Key! (kinda)

Really dope stuff here but we expect nothing less from J.I.D keep it up. He’ll be household in no time.

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Wara From The NBHD – If Guns Could Speak EP

Part Hip Hop part Grunge. All from the neighborhood. Radically articulated with a bit of a call to arms style of lyricism. Everything from the sound the artwork is very provocative. You can tell he’s trying to evoke a bit of a reaction.

You can definitely hear the ever present N.E.R.D quality in his music and it used to good degree the time. Very “wildin’ out on top of a cop car” ish. Dope stuff.

Be warned this is not chill music. This is angry music.

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Bias the Black – SHAWN MICHAELS feat. Alkebulan & TheCoolisMac

This right here is some of the smoothest. Bias the Black gives us another super chill one of of the soon to come BLACKjujuu. This time with Alkebulan on the verse and TheCoolisMac on the Ad-Libs.

Okay so everybody on the scene knows that for a while now TheCoolisMac has had some of the coolest (no pun intended) ad-libs in the city. Really though you can’t not giggle a little every time you hear him in the background of something.

Hearing this what we know is BLACKjujuu is going to be something real chill. This right here is ride music.

Can’t wait for that BLACKjujuu

@BiastheBlack / @Alkbln / @TheCoolisMac
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Jace – Fuck You Expect

I would say of Two9 but this is an Atlanta based blog. When I say Jace you should know who I’m talking about.

Jace has really been on a roll lately. I hear we should be looking out for a solo album from this Retro Su$hi member and if the last few tracks are indicative of what we will be hearing I’m sure it will get the same acclaim as his Two9 crew mate Curtis Williams last outing received.

Come with it man.

@RetroJace / @Two9
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J.I.D – Le Hooligans feat. OG Maco & EarthGang

Le J.I.D with more fire of course what you expect? This time along with crew mates EarthGang and OGG lead man Maco.

This gets us really excited to hear the rest of J.I.D’s upcoming Dicaprio project which he has also already leaked the track list back album art.


Can’t man shout out to the Spillage Village.

@SlickSixJID / @OGMaco / @EarthGang
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Far Out Family – fright EP

The boys over at Far Out Family hit us with another one stashed in the vault. The prequel to the upcoming fret project fright. Some of the most well balanced stuff they have put out to date.

Super chill vibes and punching hard at the end. Hope You Do definitely one that’s staying in rotation over here.

Dope stuff guys can’t wait to hear fret.

@faroutfamily / @biastheblack / @glennsaddler
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